Mobile workstation and technology partnership leverages mobile devices to improve clinical EHR workflows

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Mobile workstation and technology partnership leverages mobile devices to improve clinical EHR workflows

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | January 21, 2020 Health IT
Grand Rapids, Mich. — Clinicians now can more easily document patient information into electronic health records (EHRs) using mobile devices thanks to a new partnership between MEDITECH, ACS MediHealth and Altus.

A recent study determined 49% of physician working hours are spent interacting with the EHR. For every hour of clinical work, physicians spent two hours on EHR-associated tasks, many of which must be completed at a desktop. This increases costs, workflow inefficiencies, physician burnout, delays, and inaccurate information. Through the integration of the MEDITECH EHR software, ACS MediHealth workflow solutions, and Altus' mobile device docking and mobile workstations, clinicians can more seamlessly and quickly document health information, thereby improving workflow and patient care.

"Our solutions are completely compatible with MEDITECH EHR, making it possible for clinicians to easily go from mobile phone scanning and patient monitoring to docking the phone into a traditional workstation that is also a convenient charger," says David Dean, CEO of ACS MediHealth, a healthcare technology solutions business. "This workflow redesign can help maximize productivity, enhance patient care and safety, and remove obstacles from current workflows."

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The Altus' mount can attach to all Altus' Clio powered and non-powered workstation lines including the non-powered HHC8, ClioSwap a swappable battery cart and ClioMed, a medication administration cart. The new mount enables the EHR documentation to be within reach, simplifying and streamlining the data entry process for clinicians. This collaboration with MEDITECH and ACS MediHealth puts these EHR solutions at the clinician's fingertips, freeing them from the time spent in an office inputting information into a desktop solution.

"It is really important to ensure that all clinicians have a way to document that works best for them and their patients, as professional burnout is on the rise and patient satisfaction is crucial," said Sarah Leitz, Altus Director of Product Marketing. The software, mobile device, and mount is another player on the Altus roster that caters to unique workflows.

About Altus
Altus, Inc. builds durable, ergonomic and stylish technology workstation solutions to improve how clinicians, educators, and staff work. For more than 18 years, Altus has studied how real people work to enhance their workflow. Altus technology workstations offer optimized mobility, adjustability, access to patient data and improved clinician well-being. Altus is based in Walker, Mich. and is one of the only U.S.-based technology workstation companies, with more than 80 percent of its product components manufactured in the United States.

ACS MediHealth ACS MediHealth (ACS) was formed in 1986 with the goal of helping individuals and organizations find healthcare solutions through technology. As a technology integrator and solutions provider, ACS continuously provides innovative solutions to difficult problems in our healthcare technology-driven society. ACS's goal is to improve, empower, and encourage national and international clinical technology users to have access to their patient's real-time clinical data. Our 25+ year collaborating partnership with MEDITECH has given us a unique understanding of the clinical challenges our clients face daily as we support MEDITECH's Magic, Client Server, 6.x, and Expanse applications.

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