Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) oversight and safety

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Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) oversight and safety

January 17, 2020
Risk Management Ultrasound

Finally, providers should look for vendors who collaborate with clinicians and professional associations. For example, POCUS vendors who host workshops or contribute their equipment for training sessions at major meetings such as ACEP and CHEST demonstrate strong interest in the training and education of its end users.

Simply stated, vendors need to be accountable. They cannot just manufacture a great product, they must contribute by providing comprehensive support to the healthcare providers they serve.

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IT and credentialing support
The ECRI Institute’s report also notes lack of data and image archiving as a concern. Organizations should look for a POCUS vendor that can provide IT support, as this is a valuable asset.

Select vendors offer solutions that can help providers archive images and can securely centralize and standardize ultrasound exam data. With appropriate IT support, errors are averted, patient data is secure, and nothing is left to chance.

The ECRI Institute’s report discusses the need for better user credentialing. Here again vendors can have a positive impact by offering flexible credentialing tools.

Partner with a POCUS vendor that enforces and streamlines the credentialing process. Does your vendor offer a workflow solution that gives providers control over their POCUS ultrasound education and credentialing? For example, you may be able to run multiple programs simultaneously, and get up-to-date progress reports to monitor student or user development. Designing your own credentialing programs helps meet national and local standards and requirements, and you don’t need to do it all on your own.

In addition, some solutions help organizations achieve higher security confidence through multi-factor login and Active Directory authentication. They may be designed to permit the granting or denying of access based on specialty, department and user profile. Some can even allow users to gain access from any network-connected device and export data to other media—all while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Generating reports and communicating results
The ECRI Institute cites exam documentation as another are of concern. Once again, key manufacturers will provide workflow management tools that can take some of the challenges out of the reporting and communication process.

Some POCUS solutions provide the ability to create consistent clinical documentation to minimize billing errors, enforce compliance, and make POCUS reporting faster and easier. Configuring worksheets to meet specific department processes drives workflow and reporting standardization, so that clinicians can concentrate on what they do best: Caring for patients.

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