Bill Mueller in memoriam

Bill Mueller in memoriam

January 01, 2020
Bill Mueller
By Alan Moretti

It is with heavy heart I write and pass along in memoriam to the HTM community the sad news, after a courageous bout with cancer, the loss this late month of December 2019 of a good friend, colleague and most importantly the person, William "Billy" Mueller.

Billy and I were HTM colleagues and friends for over three decades and I can personally attest, Billy's commitment as an HTM professional always striving to serve patient first was the core of a dedicated work ethic that was second to none! Billy served in many of life's roles and capacities though during his journey, mentoring and positively impacting people in my opinion were central to his core values.

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Billy's passion and work as an HTM professional focused him in the specialized area of Operating Room Biomedical Technologies. As Biomedical Technician and Managing Leader of a highly advanced academic Biomedical Surgical Support Team, working tirelessly daily hand-in-hand with the surgeons, nurses and other members of the clinical support team in serving the patient, was Billy's joy and passion.

Billy's impact on HTM support was not only centered within his employer's health system. Annually, he made the trek as a team member to many impoverished countries were healthcare needs were largely unmet. Billy's efforts were expended on his own time as a volunteer in providing HTM Biomed support in part with these annual clinical mission team excursions.

Billy's giant heart, being a loving husband of 29 years to Dawn Mueller and a remarkable father of two children Billy and Summer Mueller were his most cherished life accomplishments and legacy.

Peace Billy, you are at rest now.

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