Q&A with Ted Sloan, president of MXR - The Imaging Solution Company

Q&A with Ted Sloan, president of MXR - The Imaging Solution Company

Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | November 26, 2019
Ted Sloan
For MXR - The Imaging Solution Company (formerly Merry X-Ray), 2019 has been a busy year.

HealthCare Business News spoke to Ted Sloan, company president, to find out what's been going on, and what the company has planned for the future.

HCB News: MXR has had a busy year, including a rebranding and some major new investments. Can you walk us through some of the biggest news?
Ted Sloan: The biggest news is rebranding with the new name MXR Imaging - The Imaging Solution Company. We are no longer just the company that fixes your X-ray machine. We have grown to include all imaging modalities and feel that the new name reflects these changes.

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The entire organization is committed to speaking with one voice and as one company. Our goal is to have our partners, vendors, customers, and even our competition see the strength of what MXR brings to digital imaging, meeting not only technology needs, but providing expert advice, best-in-class services, and customer-centric support.

In terms of technology, we have advanced capabilities to offer proactive service delivery where we remotely monitor client systems in up to 10 different areas in order to predict and head off service events that could cause downtime and cost dollars. This includes monitoring of helium in order to make sure the percentage is in the right place and dispatching service to correct before it becomes an issue.

Finally, I am proud to say that MXR has the first and only fully operational Siemens Aera MRI for training purposes in New Jersey. This was a million dollar investment, which gives us the opportunity to train our employees, test parts, and enables us to offer solutions at a much more efficient pricing structure than OEMs.


HCB News: As imaging technology evolves, is it difficult to stay ahead of the curve from a technical standpoint?
TS: We have our own training facility in New Jersey where we are constantly learning and keeping pace with new technology. The leadership team has analyzed what best benefits our clients and determined that a mix of the correct equipment and services with emphasis on running as efficiently as possible were paramount for the future.

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