Are you prepared for the AHRMM conference?

Are you prepared for the AHRMM conference?

Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | July 12, 2019
From the July 2019 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

TD: I believe, in order to be an effective leader, one needs to expose his/herself to the full array of roles and responsibilities that a supply chain professional working in healthcare may have. I’m not suggesting that one needs to be an expert in all areas but having a foundational understanding of all the entire supply chain fits together is critical. There is a reason that we hear about the individual who started in the mailroom of a corporation and is now a president or CEO. That exposure and willingness to learn about the organization sets the stage for advancement.


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Speaking of AHRMM as an association and its membership

HCB News: Membership in AHRMM is not limited to healthcare supply chain professionals. There are members who are involved on the supplier side, as well as providers. Why should clinicians consider membership within AHRMM?

TD: With value-based care, now more than ever, it is critical that we take a clinically-integrated approach in our decision-making. That means that all the key stakeholders are engaged in developing the solution to a problem or opportunity, whether it be a clinical outcome that is desired, a quality issue that needs to be addressed or an economic opportunity that needs to be achieved. The introduction of the Cost, Quality and Outcomes (CQO) movement by AHRMM five years ago was about AHRMM beginning to educate supply chain professionals about the role they play in impacting these factors. With the evolution of that movement to now include a clinically-integrated supply chain, having clinical colleagues, be it nurses, physicians, or pharmacists, being part of a network that is focused on driving value to support the care and health of our patients is an imperative. Being able to learn from and with each other to achieve our common goals can only enhance us as professionals and ultimately result in the highest value for our patients.

HCB News: AHRMM members have a common interest in supply chain, but what do they seek from the organization itself and its events?
TD: Education, networking and advancement. AHRMM helps to provide all of these. And it is not just education about supply chain. The topics are broadening to include areas like what is the Triple Aim or what does “social determinants of health” mean and how does that fit into the day-to-day role supply chain fills. Supply chain professionals are realizing that in order to be seen as a valuable asset to their organization they need to possess a broader understanding of the healthcare environment.

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