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获取Healthcare的Philips Informatics Company Ximis,公司

Bradley Rose, Senior Designer | August 20, 2007
XIMIS has experience in the
healthcare industry, with emphasis in
radiology information systems
Royal Philips Electronics and XIMIS Inc. has announced that Philips will acquire XIMIS Inc., a provider of a next generation Radiology Information System (RIS).

The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2007. No financial details on the transaction were disclosed. XIMIS will be incorporated into the Healthcare Informatics business group of Philips' Medical Systems division.

XIMIS has experience in the healthcare industry, with emphasis in radiology information systems. XIMIS' key product is XIRIS (Extended Internet Radiology Information System) which is an industry leading web-based RIS, scaling from community hospitals up to large, multiple facilities hospitals. XIRIS provides an international and multilingual solution. Healthcare institutions across Europe, North and South America are customers of XIMIS. Headquartered in El Paso, Texas, XIMIS employs approximately 50 people.

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"XIMIS is a company with very talented people and unique technology that will strengthen our position in Healthcare Informatics and will enable us to provide an integrated RIS-PACS solution", said Oran Muduroglu, CEO of Philips Medical Systems' Healthcare Informatics business group.

XIRIS is designed to manage patient registration, scheduling, exam tracking, staff and resource management, and the generation of reports and statistical information, thereby reducing errors and streamlining the workflow at radiology facilities. Where XIRIS concentrates on workflow management at radiology facilities, Philips iSite PACS concentrates on image management and distribution. As such the XIRIS solution is complementary to the Philips iSite PACS offering and will further strengthen Philips' iSite PACS market position.

"Philips is strongly committed to the support of its current customer base and will work with them to take advantage of an integrated RIS-PACS solution", Oran Muduroglu added.

In commenting on the acquisition, Katitza Gerdau, founder and CEO of XIMIS Inc. said: "Philips is the right home for XIRIS since it has a high quality organization with a global, international scope. This acquisition will provide XIRIS a foundation for the future. The RIS-PACS solution of iSite and XIRIS will be amongst the strongest on the market today and will offer a powerful solution to clinics, doctors, and to the patient. We are excited about this opportunity."