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What does mobile tech mean for radiology?

Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | September 11, 2018
Health IT

HCB News: Please share some of the main benefits to remote reading and migrations to mobile devices?

WP: The main benefits of remote reading and migrating to mobile devices can be best described in three categories starting with mobility. Remote reading can allow radiologist to read exams for multiple hospitals and imaging centers from anywhere they need or want to. Productivity is another important benefit. With the ability to read remotely, a radiologist is reachable whenever and wherever he or she is needed.
The third major benefit is cost efficiency. The average cost of a PACS workstation with a pair of 3 mega pixels diagnostic monitors is about $8,000. The cost of the EBM Rad@ software is $1,200, and pair of iPad Pros are $1,600 for a total of $2,800. Together with the radiologist’s own computer or laptop, they have an FDA approved diagnostic reading workstation.

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HCB News: Are you seeing the migration to mobile devices accelerate?

WP: The ability to use mobile devices to do “review” viewing is already happening in the main stream. I believe once the Rad@ product is in the market and allowing radiologists to diagnose on mobile device, the migration to diagnostic reading from mobile devices will accelerate.

In addition, there are key opinion leaders using our system now and will publish their experiences using Rad@ and the impact to their practices and daily lives soon. The findings and experiences of those KOLs will have great influence in the imaging practices and we expect that to drive change and adoption. Our representative was recently at the AHRA meeting and there was a lot of discussion about Rad@ and mobile devices being the next advancement in reading technology.

HCB News: Can you give some examples/anecdotes from your customers about the benefits of Rad that they are receiving by using your mobile device. Productivity, access anywhere, economic, other?

WP: Yes, recently a radiologist from Japan who uses the Rad@ system said that he had been dreaming for years of a solution that would free him up from his office and hospital. Now he can dictate images with his laptop and a voice recorder without going into the office all the time. This has been productive him and his institution.

As I mentioned earlier the setup is rapid and simple involving connecting two iPads lightning-usb cable to Laptop’s USB ports. This solution can have the potential to significantly reduce radiologist and physician travel time and improve efficiency .

HCB News: What were some of the barriers to adoption of mobile? Clearly the major hurdle was FDA and CE approval, but what were some of the others? What about changing habits, physician preference, and other factors?

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