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Reinventing the biomed's equipment testing toolkit

John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | May 05, 2016
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From the May 2016 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

“Patients are the ultimate beneficiaries from proper testing,” says Conley. “We spend heavily on innovation and apply predictive modeling to design new products.” As an example, he says the new INCU II Incubator-Radiant Warmer Analyzer, a portable baby incubator testing system that is designed to be user-friendly, is the first new design on the market in over four years for incubator testing devices.

“Some of the themes in this device really show what we’re doing with our products. To make them smaller, easier to use with limited training to do PMs quickly, and it automates with software well,” says Conley. Harkless, with Radcal, also speaks of a product line engineered to be totally interoperative to digitize and manipulate reports into Windows-based tablets. He says that such interoperability also fosters redundancy. Harkless cites the Accu-Gold line of products designed to provide interoperability.

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“The Accu-Gold products include sensors, digitizers, and display modular components. Each of these components is fully interoperable with other elements of the system,” he says. “This is unique and important with regard to redundancy.” In systems that are interoperable, when a sensor breaks it can be replaced with a sensor from the customer’s inventory, rather than returning the entire unit for a repair. “Our role is to ensure an X-ray provides the minimum dose to get the highest quality image,” adds Harkless.

Manufacturers and biomeds are in agreement that health care providers must never get complacent about equipment testing. “I’ve seen someone buy a tabletop sterilizer off eBay, take it right out of the box and start using it without reading the manual,” says Blount. “A year later, when the valves get dirty and it stops working, they have an expensive repair on their hands. Customers have to keep up with their monthly and annual maintenance provided by a biomed tech.

This will keep costs down, maintain uptime and lengthen the life of the equipment.” Keeping hospital technology running properly yields a ton of financial benefits to the care system, and when the best testing equipment is utilized it allows biomeds to do more with their time. But most importantly, it ensures that patients are being treated safely — and in ways that will produce the best possible outcomes.

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