Q&A with Suzanne Richards, CEO of Orange County Global Medical Center

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Q&A with Suzanne Richards, CEO of Orange County Global Medical Center

Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | October 08, 2015
From the October 2015 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

HCBN: What attracts staff to Orange County Global Medical Center?
We are actually one of the most complex hospitals in the neighborhood. So we attract the top students that want to come and work here because what they see here they won’t see in the average community hospital. We have the trauma and burn units and other high-quality acute care.
HCBN: What kind of challenges does your facility face?

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There are a few. Market share is one of the big challenges. We’re one of 30 hospitals in Orange County. We are high managed care, so we have to be on top of our contracting with the medical groups, with the latest health plans. Another challenge is to ensure with all the quickly evolving regulations that we stay on top of them as well. We pride ourselves on our level of compliance and meeting the regulations. Then there’s the competitiveness to get highly knowledgeable and motivated staff. We have to be very competitive with benefits, salaries and work environments.
HCBN: Are there any recent developments or technology updates you’d like to highlight?
Because we handle trauma and neurology, we’re taking one of our floors and putting an acute rehab center in the building. We’re also reopening our geropsychiatry ward. For technology, I think one of the coolest updates has been beds we purchased that allow you to speak into them and then they will translate to the language the patient speaks.
HCBN: What do you think will be the big changes to health care in the next decade?
The biggest change, I believe, will be the increase we’ll see in microsurgeries. That will also lead to more outpatient work, with just the very ill in hospitals. I’d like to think as people get more educated about their health, they’ll be healthier.

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