Etiometry scores FDA approval for its ICU software solution, T3 Monitor

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Etiometry计分对它的ICU软件解答的粮食与药物管理局认同, T3显示器

Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | March 19, 2015
Medical Devices
Courtesy of Etiometry
Etiometry, an ICU software development company, announced on Tuesday that it received FDA approval for its T3 Monitor. It’s a software-only solution with a web browser interface that integrates all of the data from patient monitors and other devices.

The company partnered with clinicians from two of the top research hospitals including Boston Children’s Hospital to create this monitor. T3 stands for track, trajectory and trigger — it helps clinicians track the trajectory of patients to trigger appropriate responses.

“The ability to capture, store and analyze the data to develop predictive algorithms for management is really, for us, the holy grail,” Peter Laussen, chief of critical care at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and former chief of the division of cardiovascular intensive care at Boston Children’s Hospital, said in a video. “It moves us from being prescriptive in our management to being predictive, which is where we want to be.”

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The monitor is the foundation for Etiometry’s predictive analytics software called Etiometry Risk Analytics Engine, which is currently being developed. Once it’s completed, it will be able to give clinicians early warnings if a patient is deteriorating.

Etiometry also created the Quality Improvement Sandbox in order to let clinicians perform off-line analysis of data collected on the T3 Monitor even without data analysis expertise and to access a database shared by many institutions.

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