Five questions with ESR President, Professor Lorenzo Bonomo

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五个问题与ESR Lorenzo ・ Bonomo教授总统,

Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | February 18, 2015
DMBN: Are there any new events or activities at this year's conference that you're excited about?
This ECR 2015, like every one before it, will include its share of innovations.

The tradition of quality and the level of scientific excellence will, of course, be maintained, but the structure has undergone some fundamental changes that will make the meeting more transparent.

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With the exception of the refresher courses, most courses in the educational program will now fall under the banner of E3 European Excellence in Education.

These courses are now organized according to the different levels of the European Training Curriculum for radiology, providing a well-structured teaching program.

DMBN: Are there any presentations you're particularly looking forward to?
It is very difficult for me to pick out any specific recommendations from the program.
Each topic area has been put together with so much care that it feels impossible to single anything out.

You will have to examine it closely and make your own choice, but I believe that anyone's "must attend" list should include the honorary lectures and of course the "ESR meets" sessions.

And if you miss some sessions, don't worry - you have time until March 2016 to watch online what you have missed.

Go to ECR on Demand and you'll find all the sessions of the Congress.

DMBN: Is there any buzz around a particular technology or product?
The Technological Exhibition is a must for all the ECR participants in order to appreciate all the latest technological innovations and updates. Among the technological innovations that will be presented at the ECR I think that the most interesting ones are those related to hybrid imaging.

Besides the updates of PET-CT machines this year, the main industries will be presenting their innovations regarding MRI-PET which is the new frontier of the hybrid imaging

DMBN: What do you most look forward to at the show?
As president of the ESR, I hope ECR 2015 will be as successful as the 2014 one, if not better. This year, the number of submitted abstracts is significantly higher than 2014 and, therefore, I expect a larger number of participants, that hopefully will be mostly represented by young people. Unfortunately I will not have much time to attend the educational and scientific sessions, but the greatest satisfaction of my ESR presidency's year will be the participants' appreciation of the Congress, and in particular, the approval of those who will come to Vienna for the first time.

DMBN: What would you say is the top reason people should attend ECR?
The ECR is one of the most important radiological meetings in the world and one very special aspect of the 2015 edition is that we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the ESR.

The international reputation of the ECR - which was established long before the ESR - was crucial for founding the new society and helping to bring radiological activities in Europe under a common roof.

I'm absolutely sure that ECR 2015 is going to continue this brilliant chain of outstanding meetings.

ECR offers huge educational and scientific opportunities; with so many educational and scientific sessions containing cutting-edge science it is no wonder that the ECR has become a global event

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