Spacelabs Healthcare is going places with new ECG machines


Barbara Kram, Editor | August 10, 2010
Spacelabs Healthcare's
CardioExpress SL12 ECG
Spacelabs Healthcare has recently introduced its CardioExpress SL6 and SL12 ECG cardiographs, approved by the FDA earlier this year. Both are 12-lead systems; the SL-6 is the smaller portable device.

"Applications for the SL6 are doctors' offices and community hospitals where cost is of paramount concern," said David Teixeira, product manager for information management and diagnostic cardiology. "SL12 is bigger, more hospital directed and can still be mobile but meant for a cart."

The ECGs feature all the latest capabilities such as pacemaker detection and data memory and transmission.

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"The machine will connect to the data network and transmit reports directly to our Sentinel cardiology information management system," said Teixeira. "The cart goes to patient, not the patient to it." He noted that CardioExpress is a growing product line and that a wireless option will be introduced soon.

With CardioExpress, Spacelabs promotes these devices globally; the ECGs are available in multiple languages for the European market.

"Resting ECG devices are mostly a replacement market with extreme cost pressure but also increasing functional demands," Teixeira said noting that CardioExpress is designed for ease of use despite its advanced design.

Spacelabs Healthcare, with business offices in the U.S. and U.K. specializes in diagnostic cardiology as well as patient monitoring and connectivity, and anesthesia and ventilation.