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The September Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Radiation oncology: MR and CT taking on bigger roles
An in-depth look at evolving treatments and the imaging behind them
A moving target: changes coming to the X-ray tube market
Are lower prices on their way for replacement tubes?
Faster technology, stricter regulations are taking CT to the next level
A run down on the trends and breakthroughs shaping CT

Opening a proton therapy center
Most new proton therapy centers must overcome daunting challenges to succeed


Cost Containment Corner

Braving OCR audits and business associate compliance
Cost containment corner: Phase 2 of the HIPAA Audit Program

Exclusive Q&A

Q&A with Dr. David Beyer, president and incoming chair of ASTRO
Discussing the evolving world of radiation oncology and what to expect at this year's meeting

Future Of...

The future of dose optimization in imaging
Patrick Hope, executive director of MITA discusses a global effort to mitigate radiation exposure while improving image quality

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Abram Gordon, executive director of Cincinnati Children’s pediatric proton center
'One of the things we pride ourselves in is our commitment to research'

IT Matters

Critical test management deals with more than urgent issues
Keeping track of the patients who require follow-up less urgently

This Month in Medical History

This Month in Medical History – Who was Walter Reed?
The namesake of a hospital had a long and storied history
The ASTRO new product showcase
A few products and companies that will be featured at this year's premiere oncology meeting
Health care and the law: winds of change buffet community oncology
Reforms impacting how oncology will be paid for in the future
High-deductible health plans, ACA forcing patient payment innovations
Shortcomings exist across the economic spectrum
Cancer centers are finding value in dedicated portable CTs
Insights from Phil Sullivan, CEO of Samsung NeuroLogica
Infection control corner: 'I did not see that coming’
Mitigating the risk of HAIs through better training and certification
A buyer’s guide to radiation shielding
What is needed to protect patients and staff is often not understood
CT dose optimization and its global impact on stakeholders
The rarely discussed importance of dose tracking software maintenance
Purchasing Insights: recent pricing on CT systems
Providers looking more long-term with higher slice counts
Medical Museum – Syphon jar
This jar was believed to be much more than a mere seltzer bottle
Clinical collaboration: Linking platforms to achieve enterprise imaging that produces better diagnostic decisions
Unifying access to all of a patient's images means finding a way to link the systems that store different types of images
AHIMA: Information Governance – an organization’s key asset
Insights from Lydia Washington, senior director of Information Governance (IG) at AHIMA
Using analytics to fight prescription drug fraud
Keeping up with criminals in the information age