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    The March Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    心脏病学: 怎么更小的医院可能提供上层关心
    Smaller hospitals have found new ways to provide quality care to patients
    脱氧核糖核酸损伤在胸口CT检查期间与静脉内碘化的对比连接了: 研究
    Read this before getting your next chest CT exam with intravenous iodinated contrast
    一年正数结果在S。 李Kling氢核疗法中心
    A patient and a physician share insight into the proton experience

    Proton CEOs discuss treatment's rapid growth
    What's good for patients is good for business
    Changes and challenges in the contrast imaging industry
    Are integrated injectors worth the extra cost?

    Find out why healthcare professionals are not trading up their older model C-arms

    Columns & Sections

    More bang for your buck: C-arm

    Bang for your buck
    What to remember before buying a used C-arm

    More bang for your buck: Special Procedures

    Bang for your buck
    How to keep your angio/cath labs running smoothly by investing time and money

    The Future of Health Care – Tomorrow’s health care exec

    Future of Healthcare
    J. Stephen Lindsey discusses the traits needed for successful leadership

    Q&A with Stephens Mundy, CEO of University of Vermont Health Network (NY)

    Hospital Spotlight
    Read Stephens Mundy's thoughts on the latest changes to the healthcare sector

    IT Matters – Preventing medical device hacks

    IT Matters
    Safeguard your identity from medical device hacks

    New Product Showcase

    New Product Showcase
    This month's roundup of the latest industry products.

    This Month in Medical History – the father of thoracic surgery

    This Month in Medical History
    How Evarts Ambrose Graham became the father of thoracic surgery

    Q&A with Dr. Patrick O’Gara, president of ACC

    O'Gara shares information on his background and the latest with ACC

    Making sure the benefits outweigh the risks

    Letter from the editor for March

    Q&A with Tyler Wilson: Executive Director of the National Association for Proton Therapy

    Find out Tyler Wilson's plans as the first new Executive Director of the National Association of Proton Therapy in 25 years

    March Medical Museum: X-ray Tube (manufacturer unknown)

    This month, we take a look at an x-ray from the early twentieth century.