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被聚焦的超声波: 临床可能性在烧蚀之外
The clinical possibilities beyond ablation
Save the date: April 27-29
Brown offers the latest news about the organization

Where does medical tourism fit in today's health care environment?
合同和杀害开关: 再加工的事务
Reprocessing is saving hospitals money, but OEMs are fighting back
Win-win purchasing strategies for the 21st Century

Aging gracefully: 成熟化妆用品laser产业
Less invasive procedures as well as new technology and regulations impact the sector
医疗秀丽的事务: 收缩,提高,拉紧
Fat grafting and ultrasound are growing in popularity with new technologies


Future Of...

The future of hospital food
Practice Greenhealth's Janet Howard offers updates and insight

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Dr. Roxane Townsend
CEO, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, talks with HCBN about her organization's goals

IT Matters

Images where and when you need them
Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Cheryl Petersilge details the facility's imaging efforts

Money Health

10 tips for buying cosmetic lasers
Balancing savings versus service
Top DOTmed Online News stories of 2014
Take a look at our biggest headlines of the year
Medical Museum : Porous Belladonna Plaster on Scarlet Felt
This month's medical museum curiosity
Advances in cosmetic lasers
Evolution in energy-based devices
January's New Product Showcase
This month's roundup of the latest industry products.