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    The May Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    专题报告: 想象信息学
    Making MU meaningful for radiology.
    Biomeds share their thoughts on what's going on in their sector.
    But questions remain for the clinical engineering community.

    SIIM : Q&A与大卫布朗
    The incoming chair of SIIM talks about the show.
    以为特色: 三维打印
    Health care's future is in print.
    专题报告: 去纤颤器
    Regulatory rhythm likely changing for AED manufacturers.

    专题报告: 连续监视有连续的好处
    In low-acuity areas, spot-check monitors are out and continuous monitors are in.
    专题报告: 注入泵浦
    Pain management and interoperable smart pumps see growth.
    专题报告: 试测器材
    X-ray testers and infusion analyzers compete as more devices come to market.

    Columns & Sections

    More bang for your buck: Infusion Pumps

    Bang for your buck
    Three tips to keep your infusion pumps and patients safe

    Q&A with Sean Fowler

    Hospital Spotlight
    The new CEO of Marina Del Rey Hospital talks about his goals.

    Medical Museum: Stone heart

    This month's selection dates back to c. 1600.

    May's New Product Showcase

    This month's roundup of the latest industry products.

    Practice Management: Robotic surgery

    Why are robotic systems transforming the cardiac cath lab?

    Biomeds by any other name . . .

    Letter from the editor for May, 2014.

    News from Washington

    Letter from the online editor for May, 2014.