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The March Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

专题报告: 护士实习者斗争为他们的权利实践
Opposition remains even as the need for services grows.
Q&A与AORN的Rosemarie Schroeder
President offers association updates and talks about the upcoming conference.
联邦具有资格的健康中心: 将总计的力量与
Changes on the horizon due to FQHCs.

专题报告: 外科lasers
A few key technologies in the surgical lasers sector are cutting out a niche.
Industry Sector Report: OR Suite.
专题报告: 内窥镜检察,做更多为较少
Endoscopic devices and procedures lowering costs and improving outcomes.


Bang for your buck

More bang for your buck: OR Suites
Four tips on how to maximize the potential of your OR suite.

Future Of...

Dave Panther discusses the growth of health care in the Middle East
Director of Arab Health offers insight into the Arab health world.

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Kandy DeWitt of HealthPark Medical Center
Finding the right approach to building a hybrid OR.

IT Matters

Take charge or charge it?
Questions to ponder when determining in-house versus outsourcing.
Change is all around
Letter from the online editor for March, 2014.
Q&A with Leonard Arzt
Executive director for NAPT offers updates.
Medical Museum: Uroscopy Flask
This month's selection dates back to c. 1650
More bang for your buck: Endoscopy
Four tips to keep your endoscopes sterile and in stock.
March's New Product Showcase
This month's roundup of the latest industry products.
A hole due to the parts
Letter from the editor for March, 2014.