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The February Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

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Top ten apps of 2013 for health care professionals.
专题报告: 一岩石rollout为健康改革法律
Consumers and physicians were hit hard after open enrollment.
Chair of the HIMSS North American Board of Directors talks society and show.

专题报告: 健康的新面孔它
IT professionals are surfacing to deliver the goods.
专题报告: 哥斯达黎加和DR发现他们的凹线
CR's proving resilient, but DR continues to grow.
专题报告: 便携式X-射线市场保留移动
The technology proved invaluable in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Will newer PACS bring radiology out of the dark?


Bang for your buck

More bang for your buck: CR/DR
Six insiders offer their tips.

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with John Marc Alban
CPHIMS Director at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center talks IT.

IT Matters

A brief history of PACS
Understanding the past will pave the way for a bright PACS future.

This Month in Medical History

Setting the gold standard for Lymphedema treatment
January's "This month in medical history" celebrates Emil Vodder.
Here we go
Letter from the Online Editor for February, 2014.
ICD-10: A Squandered Opportunity?
Information overload may flood the process.
Mac versus PC
Letter from the editor for February, 2014.
Phrenology head
This month's selection dates back to c. 1860.
February's New Product Showcase
This month's roundup of the latest industry products.