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The December Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

A rundown of top awards from leading associations.
专题报告: 农村健康在交叉路
Looming budget cuts could affect over 800 small hospitals nationwide.

专题报告: 流动医疗服务考虑到无缝的事务
But making the right move takes planning.
专题报告: 连接医疗保健供应链
UPS, DHL and FedEx want to play in health care, too - is there room?


Bang for your buck

More bang for your buck: Mobile imaging
4 tips offered for the care and keeping of mobile trailers.

Future Of...

Operating from the comfort of home or office
Dr. Stephen Shrewsbury talks about space-aged tech coming soon.

Hospital Spotlight

Q&A with Dr. Christopher Kane
Building a urology program at UC San Diego Medical Center.

IT Matters

The "must-have" of mobility
Mobility is no longer a luxury for hospitals looking to compete.
Rural requirements
Letter from the editor.
What is Imaging the World?
Charity and imaging meet.
December's New Product Showcase
This month's roundup of the latest industry products.
2014: Health technology becomes reality
Predictions in the IT sector for the new year.
Whittemore's Vaccinator
Medical Museum: December, 2013.
Making bad medical news better
Dealing with patients and their families takes commitment.