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The January Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

专题报告: 逐步的能持续力
How the right vendors can help facilities “go green” with ease.
专题报告: 医院食物去食家
Sustainable food services offer tasty meals and green choices beyond lime Jell-O.
专题报告: 单一用处设备再加工
A rapidly expanding industry, saving money, reducing waste... but is it safe?

专题报告: 新技术帮助患者休息容易
Hospital bed manufacturers tackle safety and comfort concerns.


Money Health

Reducing expenses at Ochsner Health System
Leveraging technology for managed print services makes everyone a winner.

This Month in Medical History

The story of the New England Journal of Medicine
This Month in Medical History talks about 201 years of medical breakthroughs.
Special Report: Arab Health 2013 show preview
As the region's health care industry grows, so does its largest show.
The BYOD dilemma
Change is coming for policies around mobile devices in health care.
The perks of cloud-based archiving
Carestream Health's CIO says the need for cost-effective, consolidated archiving prompts CIOs/CTOs to consider cloud services.
A thank-you from future generations
Letter from the editor.
Keeping pace with a new year for health care
Letter from the online editor.
January's new product showcase
This month's roundup of the latest industry products.
Medical Museum
Weighing in with this month's selection.
Time for the "ounce of prevention" health care delivery system
Futurist thinker David Houle on bringing some common sense to health care.
Q&A with Joe Landsman, CEO of the University of Tennessee Medical Center
A reflection on the challenges in today's changing health care environment and much more.
Q&A with Jeff Bordok, CEO of Advanced Particle Therapy
Here's what to expect for the show in February.