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The December Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine

Features and Industry Sector Reports

Gerald Bracht talks about attracting physicians and stabilizing the system.
最好2012年: 上面奖减少从顶面协会
Industry associations told who they recognized this year for top achievements.
专题报告: 医疗流动拖车运输
How mobile services make it to their destinations

专题报告: 流动想象填装扩大需求
There's more to it than pulling up and dropping off
专题报告: 透析从家舒适
Why the home-based treatment is picking up momentum.


Money Health

What health care supply chain can learn from other industries
What are the best practices to help reduce costs associated with delivery of care?
New Product Showcase: December 2012
Five new products for your consideration.
Medical Museum: Porter Medical Bag
Making the rounds in style.
Heads up: Is HUD just what the doctor ordered?
A new project aims to improve communications between radiologists and ER docs with a novel technology.
Tips from the experts: Mobile trailer transportation
Common challenges and solutions for mobile transport.
Securing workstations from the risk of exposing sensitive data
Health care and security through single sign on and two-factor authentication
Tips from the Experts - Dialysis
6 Tips to Keep Dialysis Equipment Safe
Further down the road
Letter from the editor December 2012
A clear message
Letter from the online editor December 2012