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    The May Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    SIIM 2011年: 与伊丽莎白Krupinski总统的独家采访
    Ahead of next week's meeting, SIIM President Elizabeth Krupinski talked to DOTmed News about her field and the latest news from the society.
    浅蓝色: 为什么国家的婴儿死亡率很高,并且什么可以做对此
    The surprising truth about America's infant mortality rate.
    New texting service provides women tips and reminders throughout their pregnancy.

    氢核疗法: 您能否买得起它?
    Newer technologies promise to bring proton therapy centers within financial reach of more hospitals. Will they? And perhaps more importantly, should they?
    Data storage and exchange has emerged as one of the biggest problems facing radiology departments - especially among rural providers.

    专题报告: Refurbishers & ISOs移动向前与扩展超声波市场
    For third party service providers, one of the persisting challenges is efficiently servicing the latest, high-end equipment.
    专题报告: 50应该是新40 ?
    Lingering questions remain about the USPSTF mammography guidelines.
    专题报告: 骨头测密度术市场在修理
    Increased reimbursement and new public policy could increase access to screening.

    Columns & Sections

    Anti-reprocessing tactics are anti-hospital tactics

    Healthcare Chronicles
    Thording: "OEMs don't have to agree with reprocessing, but they shouldn't be preventing it."

    Assessing the ACO Model: Policy Meets Reality

    Money Health
    What have we learned from the CMS Physician Group Practice Demonstration?

    A nonprofit works to advance pediatric emergency care

    Point of Care
    R Baby Foundation strives to ensure that every pediatric resident is properly trained.

    What's the skinny on thick, thin and zero client technology for diagnostic imaging?

    Diagnostic imaging's move from film to filmless has significantly changed health care.

    Special report: Fitting radiology into the MU puzzle

    Experts believe "meaningful use" initiative will ultimately benefit radiology.

    Equipment training: Do it now to save later

    What is the most cost-effective method to develop qualified technicians to maintain the equipment at peak efficiency?

    Medical Museum: May - Women's Health

    Each month we visit Dr. Blaufox's Museum of Historical Medical Artifacts to take a look back at the medical equipment of yesterday.

    DMBN May 2011 Mammo survey

    Whose mammography guidelines do you follow? Take the survey and see how you compare to others.

    ICD-10: Health care's Y2K bug or something more serious?

    The impact of the transition to ICD-10 is widely expected to be invasive, costly and challenging.