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    The April Issue of HealthCare Business News Magazine


    专题报告: 在或,天花板的得到拥挤
    Hospitals look "to the sky" to get the most out of their space.
    专题报告: 再生医学看起来东部
    "Sea turtles" lead China's stem cell surge.

    独家新闻: Q&A与AHRA Roland ・ Rhynus总统
    DOTmed News talks with Roland Rhynus about what his goals are for the society.
    This month features a device that's pre 19th century.

    专题报告: 流动C胳膊和被再磨光的市场
    "Competition is fierce," according to this exclusive report.
    专题报告: cath或angio市场的上升的时运
    A look at the cath/angio market.
    This report originally appeared in the April 2011 issue of DOTmed Business News

    专题报告: C胳膊技术在竞走
    Slowly but surely, flat panel technology is making its way into the mobile C-Arm space.
    专题报告: 比较并且对比
    New technology flows into the contrast field.

    Columns & Sections

    Come for the wine, stay for the cause

    Point of Care
    Wine enthusiasts unite to raise funds for humanitarian action.

    Big Tobacco gets snuffed out

    This Month in Medical History
    This Month in Medical History looks at Nixon's tobacco-fighting legacy.

    Bionics, robotics and lasers: the latest in prosthetics

    Innovative research is advancing the functionality and feel of artificial limbs.