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意味深长的用途冲击: 诊断想象的十亿个美元问题
Nuance Healthcare's Jonathon Dreyer explains what you need to know about meaningful use for diagnostic imaging.
A DOTmed Business News report on speech recognition technology.
实践管理: 收支周期和EMRs -它不再是仅关于布告和汇集
John H. (Hank) Duffy discusses the evolving changes of revenue cycles.

想象集中了: 滴答作响到先进的想象检定的时钟的
With less than a year left to get accredited, it's time to weigh the options.
独家新闻: H. 斯蒂芬Lieber在HIMSS 2011年和社会的演变的角色
In a DOTmed Business News Q & A, HIMSS president talks shop about the society and this year's show.
专题报告: Telemedicine的瓶颈
The rural broadband crunch eases, but work remains.

诊断方向: 全国肺掩护试验: 螺旋CT对 标准胸部X光-有没有更多到故事?
Riverain Medical's Steven Worrell discusses The National Lung Screening Trial and its effects on medical technology.
PACS : 丢失在翻译?
A DOTmed Business News report on industry's efforts to get PACS on speaking terms.
专题报告: 哥斯达黎加在司机的扣杆作为DR交换齿轮
DOTmed Business News takes a look at the CR, DR market.

专题报告: 您的设备是否是在轨道到见面意味深长的用途?
Health IT experts offer advice on getting up to speed in this exclusive DOTmed Business News report.


Healthcare Chronicles

Health Care Chronicles: Privacy - not just another word
Dr. Barry P. Chaiken on protecting patient privacy in the era of digitization.

Money Health

Money Health: Considering new imaging equipment? Read this first.
GE Healthcare's Paul Amberg offers advice on improving equipment utilization in a radiology department.

Point of Care

Point of Care: Social venture broadens access to imaging and telemedicine
A nonprofit acts globally and locally through health care partnerships.

This Month in Medical History

Alaska's Pony Express
Nearly a century ago, dog teams and their mushers undertook a race for the cure.
DMBN Web Exclusive: TeraRecon's Robert Taylor on life in the clouds
DMBN's exclusive Q&A with TeraRecon CEO Robert Taylor on mobile imaging in radiology and the cloud revolution.
DMBN Web Exclusive: Can you demonstrate meaningful use and pocket the stimulus check?
Find out how in a Q & A with Dr. Robert Rowley, CMO, Practice Fusion.
DOTmed's Virtual Trade Show is now live online
Designed to deliver a complete buying experience, and open 365 days a year, it's the ultimate one-stop destination for all your medical equipment, parts and services needs.
Hospital Marketing 101:
Advertise technology to promote your hospital

How to make direct-to-consumer advertising work for your hospital.
JUST POSTED -- This premium MRI: a PHILIPS Intera 1.0T Omni Scanner
Also featured this week: an OLYMPUS CV-160 GI Video Endoscopy Suite; a TOSHIBA KCD-10M-7 Portable X-Ray; a SYNERON Aurora Fotofacial RF Laser; a ZIEHM Vista Plus C-Arm; and a heck-of-a-whole-lot more. Jump on in a see it all!