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International Day of Radiology 2012

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专题报告: 对比注射器
Injector integration will play a crucial role for future offerings.
专题报告: 流动C胳膊
Better dose management, image quality, workflow and integration.
专题报告: 内窥镜检察,做更多为较少
Endoscopic devices and procedures lowering costs and improving outcomes.
Rising prices may still be a sticking point.
专题报告: MRI创新是个人化
Finding the right fit.
专题报告: 化妆lasers区段得到一个打击
Are online discounts ruining the cosmetic laser market?
专题报告: 传统早期胸部肿瘤Ⅹ射线测定法的结尾?
New debates around mammography screening may shake up the market.
专题报告: 超声波
The technology is in the midst of a perfect storm.
专题报告: 分子想象是否将交付在它的诺言?
Breakthroughs and challenges in the industry.
New challenges are revolutionizing biomed test equipment.
专题报告: 注入泵浦
Infusion pump integration with EHR provides healthier returns.
专题报告: C胳膊摇摆入新的角色
From outpatient facilities to hybrid ORs, C-arms are helping move health care into a new era.
专题报告: 内窥镜检察,在最尖端之外
Numerous factors will contribute to the sector's growth in coming years.
专题报告: 杂种ORs
Despite increasing adoption, these high-tech rooms may be out of reach for many hospitals.
专题报告: 哥斯达黎加和DR争斗更新
The reports of CR’s end remain greatly exaggerated.
专题报告: 2013便携式的X-射线市场
Market shakeups may allow more facilities to carry the latest technology.