Medical Equipment Industry News

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Recent Exclusive Q&A Entries:

Checking in with IMRIS CEO, Andy Flanagan

It's been almost 15 years since IMRIS installed its first surgical theater in 2005, and a lot has changed with the company and the capabilities of its equipment

Q&A with Dr. James Whitfill, incoming chair of SIIM

The imaging informatics expert on the upcoming meeting and the ongoing convergence of imaging and IT

Q&A with Robert Jensen, President and CEO of AAMI

A candid discussion about his first year at the helm of the AAMI, what to expect at the annual meeting and what his priorities are as he embarks on another year

Q&A with SMRT president, Titti Owman

What to expect at this year's Society for MR Radiographers and Technologists meeting

Q&A with Dr. Camran Nezhat, the father of video endoscopy

Great innovations are initially often met with skepticism

Q&A with Scott Warwick, Executive director of NAPT

It's been another big year for proton therapy, here's what to expect at the big annual event

Q&A with Jeffry Siegel: a dose of skepticism

Why one expert believes efforts to lower imaging dose can actually do more harmful than good

Q&A with Dr. Donald P. Frush; A more personalized approach to pediatric CT exams

How a quantitative method could improve dose optimization when scanning children

Q&A with Professor Bernd Hamm, ESR President

Insights on the upcoming meeting, the unique challenges facing European radiology and predictions for the future

Because one EHR is better than two

Q&A with Dr. Christopher Longhurst, chief information officer UC San Diego Health

Q&A with Denise Hines, Chairwoman, HIMSS North America Board of Directors

Discover the hot topics that will dominate conversations at the premier event in health IT

Using RTLS/RFID data to improve surgical outcomes

Q&A with Ashley Simmons, director of innovation development at Florida Hospital

Q&A with Dr. Julie Gill: How tech innovation has created gaps in the radiology student’s education

The ability to discuss procedures and pronounce medical terms correctly are vital skills that are often developed through interactions that don't take place anymore

How a thriving social media presence can benefit radiology departments

Q&A with Alexander J. Towbin, associate chief of clinical operations and radiology informatics, Radiology Department, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Exclusive Q&A with Dr. Richard Ehman, President of RSNA

What to expect at this year's meeting and over the next 12 months

Discussing top-of-mind issues facing biomedical professionals with Codi Nelson

Get to know the president of the North Carolina Biomedical Association

Q&A with Joachim Schäfer, Managing director of Messe Düsseldorf

Medica is right around the corner, here's what to expect at the biggest medical fair on Earth in 2017

Q&A with Brian Kavanagh ASTRO president

Find out what to expect at this year's meeting and what plans are in place for the coming year

Q&A with John Boone, professor of radiology and biomedical engineering at UC-Davis

Discussing the novel breast CT system he developed, and the road to commercialization

An exclusive Q&A with Dr. Arnold Pompos, associate professor of radiation oncology at UT Southwestern

Discussing the high potential for heavy ion therapy and what steps need to be taken to further evaluate and understand the potential benefits of the cutting-edge cancer treatment

Q&A with Gil Alejo, exhibition manager for FIME

For the first time, FIME will take place in Orlando instead of Miami, find out why and what to expect at this year's event

What does ISO certification mean for parts providers and their customers?

Q&A with Jeffrey Rindfleisch, Vice president of operations at Technical Prospects

Q&A with John Finlay, vice president of pathology solutions at Faxitron

Discussing cabinet X-ray imaging technology and how specimen radiography is improving patient care

Uterine Fibroids Treatment: Q&A with Dr. Suzanne LeBlang

Highlighting the clinical advantages of using MR-guided focused ultrasound to treat uterine fibroids

Q&A with Jason Newmark, AHRA President

On image management challenges, plans for the future, the annual meeting and artificial intelligence

Q&A with Richard Biehl; The challenges facing health care systems engineers

How big picture engineers are working to ensure care efficiency from the top down

The whole body PET scanner is getting closer to becoming a reality

Ramsey D. Badawi and Simon R. Cherry share an update on a UC Davis research project that could one day revolutionize molecular imaging

Q&A with Tiffany Olson President, Nuclear Pharmacy Services, Cardinal Health

Discussing the challenges faced with the molybdenum-99 supply chain — and what's being done to solve them

Axumin Q&A with Jonathan Allis and Barry Scott

Blue Earth Diagnostics and Siemens PETNET Solutions are improving prostate cancer recurrence diagnostics, and are eyeing other indications too

Q&A with Dr. Bennett Greenspan, SNMMI President 2017-2018

Find out what to expect at this year's premier nuclear medicine and molecular imaging event

Q&A with Paul Nagy, Chair of SIIM

SIIM chair discusses initiatives for the organization

Q&A with Kristine Barman, SGNA President

Working with the CDC and FDA has made SGNA stronger

Q&A with Dr. Richard Chazal, President of ACC

Checking in on the state of cardiology, where we've been and where we're going

Q&A with Todd Ketch, CEO of the National Association for Proton Therapy

With two and a half years under his belt, he provided us with an update on how things are doing for the association

Q&A with Paul M. Parizel, president of the European Society of Radiology

The demand for services continues to increase

Q&A with Dr. David Beyer, president and incoming chair of ASTRO

Discussing the evolving world of radiation oncology and what to expect at this year's meeting