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Philips and Siemens MRI Spare parts for all model systems

All parts available upon request. Please include part number and description for your request. Full Warranty. Call 813-925-1314 or email at

DOTmed Certified DOTmed 100

Servicing GE, Philips and Siemens MRI equipment with OEM trained engineers

Numed, a well established company in business since 1975 provides a wide range of service options including time & material service, PM only contracts, full service contracts, labor only contracts & system relocation. Call 800 96 Numed for more info.




HITACHI Airis II MRI Scanner For Sale

HITACHI AIRIS II 0.3T 2000 Milli-Tesla Gradients: 15m T/M Slew Rate: 30 T/M/S Software Level: V5.1H-1 Software Packages: V5.1E-H SP1 Enhancement, V5.1E-H SP2 Enhancement, GSDF_SP1, Bundled... view more

December 01  

HITACHI Airis 1 MRI Scanner For Sale

Hitachi AIRIS I Open MRI - 1996 0.3T Open MR, 7.0J Software, DiCom Board, COILS: Quad Head, Quad C-Spine, Quad Knee, Quad Med Flex, Quad Large Flex, Quad XLarge Flex, Quad Pelvic, C-Spine Ext ... view more

December 01  
December 01

Asking Price:
$510 USD
$408 USD (20% Off)


HITACHI EUP-V53W Ultrasound Transducer For Sale

Good working probe Brand: Hitachi Model: EUP-V53W Frequency: 8-4 MHZ... view more

December 01  

PM Imaging MGMT: (213) 276-8209,

From CA to NY and around the world we buy and sell your used imaging equipment at market value or higher. We offer spare MRI and CT parts, accessories and services supporting most OEMs. We also offer purchase, long or short-term Mobile MRI & CT rental.


HITACHI EUP-C715 Ultrasound Transducer For Sale

Hitachi EUP-C715 convex transducer. - S/N KE14639205C - Year of manufacture: 2012 - Poor quality; 7 damaged crystals in the center of the... view more

December 01

Asking Price:
€200 EUR


HITACHI V53W Ultrasound Transducer For Sale

Hitachi EUP-V53W vaginal transducer. - 8 units available - See dry scans for image quality; good... view more

December 01

Asking Price:
€700 EUR


HITACHI EUP-L34T Ultrasound Transducer For Sale

Hitachi EUP-L34T linear transducer. - S/N SE14328002A - Poor quality; several fallouts divided over the... view more

December 01

Asking Price:
€100 EUR



HITACHI mpr 7000 coil quad c-spine MR-QMC-41 being sold as is. came off a working... view more

December 01  

Nova Technologies, Inc. - Used Ultrasound Parts, Equipment, and Transducers

We offer high quality used parts and transducers for all the industry leading manufacturers. Competitive pricing and expert knowledge. We have what others don't. Let our experts help you today. Nova Technologies, Inc. (888)-411-6682 Give us a call!

DOTmed Certified

HITACHI EUB-515 Diagnostic Ultrasound System For Sale

Item # 250769 Title: Hitachi EUB-515 Diagnostic Ultrasound System Manufacturer: Hitachi Model: EUB-515 Diagnostic Description: Ultrasound System Quantity: 1 Item Location: MD Warehouse ... view more

December 01

Asking Price:
$1,000 USD
$800 USD (20% Off)


HITACHI EUP-S70 Ultrasound Transducer For Sale

HITACHI EUP-S70 Ultrasound Probe. Model:EUP-S70 Condition: NEW or USED Frequency: 1.0-5.0 MHz Compatible system: AVIUS, PRERUS Application:Cardiac Qualified one in excellent working... view more

December 01  


We are looking to purchase a Hitachi Airis II for immediate purchase. We can handle all removal of the MRI from your facility, including deinstallation, rigging and transportation. Please call or... view more

December 01  

Probo Medical | We Buy, Repair, and Sell New and Used Ultrasound Equipment

We provide sales, service, rental, and repair for ultrasound systems, probes, and C-arms. We have the largest inventory in the world. Contact us about our special offers on certified refurbished equipment! Call: 317-759-9210 Email:


HITACHI Airis 1 MRI Scanner For Sale

Hitachi Airis Open MRI Permanent 0.3 Tesla Magnet 8 mT/m Gradient Amplitude 11 T/n/sec Slew Rate Self Shielded 6... view more

December 01

Asking Price:
$20,000 USD


HITACHI 2015 EUP-O54J 13-7 Mhz Hockey Stick Linear Ultrasound Transducer For Sale

Product details: Manufacturer Hitachi corp. Item: 2015 Hitachi EUP-O54J 13-7 Mhz Linear Array Ultrasound Transducer Probe Model/Cat # EUP-O54J Serial No. G320242315D Made In: ... view more

December 01

Asking Price:
$895 USD


AKICARE Used broken EUP-U531 probe replacement for Hitachi Aloka Ultrasound Transducer For Sale

Ultrasound Probe Repair/Replacement Service: For Defective Original 2/3/4D Probes Of Strain Relief, Membrane, Cables, Crystal, Lens, Connectors, Motor, Oil leakage, etc Probe type: Convex, Linear,... view more

December 01