Used STORZ 4500 LARGE LOT Surgical Instruments 出售 - DOTmed 目录 #2219062:
STORZ 4500 Surgical Instruments for sale STORZ 4500 Surgical Instruments for sale STORZ 4500 Surgical Instruments for sale STORZ 4500 Surgical Instruments for sale STORZ 4500 Surgical Instruments for sale
STORZ 4500 Surgical Instruments for sale STORZ 4500 Surgical Instruments for sale STORZ 4500 Surgical Instruments for sale STORZ 4500 Surgical Instruments for sale STORZ 4500 Surgical Instruments for sale


  • Asking Price :$3,500.00 USD
  • Condition : Used - Good
  • Qty. Available : 1
  • In Stock : Yes
  • Date : December 09, 2019

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Listing: #2219062

  • Condition: Used - Good
  • Brand: STORZ
  • Type: Surgical Instruments
  • Model: 4500
  • MPN: 2002RC
STORZ SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS + extras! See list below! There are some BRAND NEW INSTRUMENTS IN THIS LOT! Most are in good condition. Few are in good/fair condition

Storz Instruments
(1)E-1216 Kirby Intra-Capsular Lens Loop
(1) E-664 Hook/Loop
(1) E-598 Manson Double Ended Strabismus Hook
(3) E-588 Green Strabismus Hook
(2) E-593 Von Graefe Hook Strabismus
(1) EO-100 Diamond Knife
(2) E-489 Castroviejo Cyclodialysis, Spatula
(1) E-474 Castroviejo Spatula Synechia Double Ended
(3) E-493
(1) E-4937 Bechert Nucleus Rotator
(1) E-982 Desmarres Lid Retractor
(7) E-545 Sinsky Eye Hook
(1) E-535
(1) SP7-37639
(1) E-572 Fenzl Insertion Hook
(2) E-577 Osher “Y” Hook
(4) E-571 Lester Lens Manipulator
(1) England 6-400 Kuglan Push-Pull Lens Hook
(1) England 6-465 Kuglan Push-Pull Hook
(2) E-4251c Pigtail Probe
(1) L
(1) E-380
(1) E-390 Tooke Corneal Knife
(1) E-4595 Tenzel Double Ended Periosteal Elevator
(2) E-981 Desmarres Lid Retractor
(1) E-600 Stevens Curved Tenotomy Hook
(1) E-592 Graefe Strabismus Hook
(1) E-591 Graefe Strabismus Hook
(1) E-3550 Stevens Tonotomy Scissors
(1) E-3590 Curved Stitch Scissors
(1) E-3552 Stevens Curved Tenotomy Scissors
(2) E-2330 Jameson Muscle Forceps
(2) E-2331 Jameson Muscle Forveps
(2) E-1798-S Stern-Castroviejo Suturing Forceps
(2) E-5378 Watzke Sleeve Spreading Forceps
(3) E-3312
(1) E-3223 Castroviejo Angled Corneal Scissors
(3) E-2986 Tying Forceps
(4) E-3386 Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors
(3) E-3388 Vannas Angled Capsulotomy Scissors
(2) E-3387 Vannas Curved Capsulotomy Scissors
(3) E-3366 Barraquer Iris Scissor
(5) E-3320L Wescott Tenotomy Scissors
(2) E-3344 Curved Iris Scissors
(2) E-3220WH Castroviejo Keratoplasty Scissors
(1) E-59/L Locking Needle Holder
(3) E-58 Needle Holder
(2) E-3843 Barraquer Needle Holder
(1) E-3864 Castroviejo Needle Holder
(1) E-1572 Graefe Fixation Forcep
(1) ET-2904 Steinert Folding Forceps
(2) E-3192 TS Girard Fine Tying Forceps
(4) E-3192 T Girard Fine Tying Forceps
(3) E-1416 Bracken Iris Forcep
(1) E-4500 Stevenson Lacrimal Sac Retractor
(1) E-2404 Castroviejo Caliper
(2) E-2002 Capsulorhexis Forcep
(2) E-2002 RC Utrata Lehner Capsulorhexis Forcep
(1) E-1795 Castroviejo Fixation Forcep
(1) E-1796 Castroviejo Suturing Forceps
(1) E-3205 Corneal Colibiri Forcep
(1) E-1420 Delicate Tissue Forcep
(2) E-1400 Straight Dressing Forcep
(2) E-1815 AB Bechert-McPherson Tying Forceps
(1) E-1815 AK Kelman-McPherson Tying Angled Forceps
(2) E-3199 Troutman-Barraquer Corneal Utility Forcep
(1) E-1943 Colibiri Forceps
(4) E-1815 A McPherson Tying Forceps, Angled
(1) E-4922 Bishop-Harmon Irrigation Cannula
(3) E-7418 Instrument Trays

(3) SITE 3.mmB Phaco Hand Piece
(1) SITE 7501 Phaco Hand Piece
(2) Phaco IA Hand Piece
(4) IA Tips

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