Mads Vittrup

Mads Vittrup joins the IAMERS board as the International Chairman

September 25, 2019
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Mads Vittrup will be joining the IAMERS Board of Directors as the International Chairman.

Mads Vittrup is a medical imaging equipment remarketing veteran and has been in the industry for 15 years. It is safe to say he is a pioneer in Europe and now Africa. He has an unmatched network and understanding of the international market of pre-owned diagnostic equipment. Years of extensive business travel and a background in development economics is the basis for his business success – of course, combined with a bit of golf.

Mads worked for Agito for many years but he left to start his own company together with Hassan El Azzazi, who unfortunately passed away recently.

Mads is a gentleman and is always ready to help you any way he can. If you email him or put in a call you can count on a quick reply.

As the CEO of the Denmark-based FlexRay Medical, Mads moves around the world a lot. You never know where he will be when he answers you so he is the perfect International Chairman.

I commented recently that IAMERS is growing in Europe. I see Europe as an expanding market serving the growing market in Africa.

Growth in the U.S. market helped foster growth in Europe. I wonder if U.S. suppliers will follow European vendors into Africa???

Congratulations Mads and IAMERS!