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TOPCON TRC-NW-400 Fundus Camera For Sale

The Topcon TRC-NW400 is a fully automated, easy-to-use, auto-focus, auto-capture non-mydriatic fundus camera that is designed to obtain high resolution color images of the retina and the anterior... view more

July 01  

TOPCON TRC-NW8F Plus Myd/Non-Myd Retinal Camera w/ Color/FA/FAF Fundus Camera For Sale

The Topcon TRC-NW8F Plus is a multi-function easy-to-use, mydriatic/non-mydriatic retinal camera with auto focus and auto capture capabilities. The multi function capture features include color... view more

July 01  

TOPCON TRC-NW8 Fundus Camera For Sale

Topcon TRC-NW8 Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera The TRC-NW8 features several automated functions that allow anyone to quickly and easily capture high quality crisp, clear images. Simply align the patient... view more

July 01  

TOPCON TRC-NW6S Fundus Camera For Sale

Topcon TRC-NW6S Fundus Camera Topcon TRC-NW6S Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera which can be used in various combinations with latest Imaging systems or Polaroid camera. It can be connected to a highly... view more

July 01  

KOWA Alpha-D Fundus Camera For Sale

The KOWA Alpha-D is a compact non-mydriatic retinal camera with built-in 8 megapixel imaging sensor that combines advanced technology with modern design. Lightweight, compact design Integrated... view more

July 01  

DRS Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera Fundus Camera For Sale

DRS Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera Thanks to its fully automated operation, the DRS fundus camera requires minimal operator training. Its compact, ergonomic design and low power flash help ensure... view more

July 01  

OPTOS Daytona Fundus Camera For Sale

Daytona is the original “next generation” ultra-widefield retinal imaging device from Optos. With its small footprint and reasonable price point, Daytona enables budget-conscious optometrists to... view more

July 01  

CANON CR-2 Fundus Camera For Sale

The Canon CR-2 Digital Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera incorporates the latest in Canon retinal imaging technology and enhancements in a compact and light design. It can easily be installed and takes up... view more

July 01  

CANON CR-1 Fundus Camera For Sale

Canon CR-1 Mark II Fundus Camera The Canon CR-1 Mark II Digital Fundus Camera epitomizes state-of-the-art non-mydriatic imaging technology with dramatically reduced brightness, improved overall... view more

July 01  

ZEISS Visucam Pro NM Fundus Camera For Sale

ZEISS Visucam PRO NM The ZEISS VISUCAM PRO NM features legendary ZEISS optics and non-mydriatic color fundus photography enabling you to photograph through pupils as small as 3.3mm. Superior... view more

July 01  

TOPCON TRC-50IA Fundus Camera For Sale

(2) Topcon TRC-50IA Retinal Cameras LOT PRICE -Includes Kodak digital camera adapter -Both power on without problem -Can't get a flash -Price is essentially for parts Contact us for more... view more

July 01

Asking Price:
$650 USD

Keith Paterson / DCSP Medical
phone: +1 (440) 479-4451

TOPCON TRC-NW6S Fundus Camera For Sale

Topcon non-mydriatic Retinal Camera Model : NW6S SN : 281197 Available in stock, in good working condition For more information, contact us freely (# 10799) ... view more

June 29  

KOWA Nonmyd7 Fundus Camera For Sale

Kowa Fundus Camera Model : Nonmyd7 Complete system For more details contact us freely (# 10423)... view more

June 29  

NIDEK AFC-210 Fundus Camera For Sale

Nidek Fundus Camera Model : AFC-210 Y.O.M. : 2008 Complete System For more details contact us freely (#... view more

June 29