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DEXA Solutions-Service and Sales for GE Lunar Bone Densitometers

With over 50 years of OEM experience DEXA Solutions is the true GE Lunar Bone Density Consultants. Contact DEXA Solutions today at 1-855-844-3392 or info@dexasolutions.com for all your GE Lunar Bone Densitometer Needs.

Industry Leader in Refurbished Bone Density Systems...

iRad has over 25+ years experience in the Bone Density Industry including refurbishment & service. Largest inventory of systems available. Call us at 1.800.528.7616 visit us on the web at www.iRad.net or email t.orlando@irad.net

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GE iDXA Bone Densitometer For Sale

GE Lunar iDXA DEXA DOM: 2009. AP Spine, Femur, LVA, Total Body, APVA, Forearm, Orthopedic Hip, Lateral, , ScanCheck, HL7, MUDB 1-10, Composer, Business Reports, Body Comp Basic, Dual Femur,... view more

July 24  

GE Lunar Prodigy Advance Bone Densitometer For Sale

2004 GE Lunar Prodigy Advance Windows XP OS enCORE software DICOM CAD AP Spine Total Body Lateral BMD Practice Mgmt Quick View Femur APVA AHA DualFemur LVA Forearm Physician Rpt ... view more

July 24  

GE Lunar Dpx Bravo Bone Densitometer For Sale

2004 GE Lunar BRAVO DPX Bone Densitometer DOM: 2004. Encore 9.00.219 software. Original computer, 6 Foot Total Body, AP Spine, Dual Femur, AP Spine, Right & Left Femur , Left and Right Forearm,... view more

July 23  

GE DPX IQ Bone Densitometer For Sale

GE Lunar DPX IQ Bone Densitometer Year: 1998 2005 Tube Model: 2288/BX-1L 76kV DPX HV PS Model: 0311 1998 DPX Collimator 2898 SEP. 2000 100V-240V, 50/60Hz Location:... view more

July 23

Asking Price:
$5,000 USD

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Tekyard Medical closeout auctions take place on DOTmed.com. Bid today on 357 lots of medical equipment. Onsite or virtual inspection available.

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GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometer For Sale

2004 Lunar Prodigy: S/N 40583 - Great condition X-Ray Tube Dec 2014, model: 8743 enCore w/ Windows 7 Phantom (30373-2) Detector: p/n: 40271 Positioners Daily QA 1-10-2020 Pass For... view more

July 23

Asking Price:
$9,000 USD


GE Lunar Prodigy Pro Bone Densitometer For Sale

2009 Unit, Encore 2009 Installed. System is refurbished and ready for immediate shipment or installation.... view more

July 23  

GE iDXA Bone Densitometer For Sale

2009 GE Lunar iDXA DEXA. Refurbished with NEW X-Ray Tube in 2019. High-End, Research-Grade, Full-Body DEXA Scanner with AP Spine, Femur, LVA, Total Body, APVA, Forearm, Lateral, AHA, Pediatric Spine,... view more

July 22  

GE Achilles Insight Bone Densitometer For Sale

FULLY REFURBISHED Ultrasonic Heel/Calcaneus Scanner Bone Densitometer. 15-Second Measurement, Color Display, Foot Positioner, Built-In Printer, Latest Version Software, Power CordComplete with full... view more

July 22  

NEED DEXA? You need Integrity Medical and BoneDensitometers.com!

70+ Refurbished Systems In-Stock, 10,000 Parts, Service, Installs, Upgrades, Training. GE/Lunar & Hologic all 100% supported! The industry's strongest warranty is at BoneDensitometers.com or integritymed.com. Call 800-722-3646 for a quote today.

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GE Achilles Insight Bone Densitometer For Sale or Rent

New Shipment of beautiful Achilles Insights-- 2008 models, refurbished by GE in 2011. Systems come complete with all accessories and are freshly QA'ed. Call for our lowest quotation... view more

July 22  

GE InSight Bone Densitometer For Sale

The Achilles InSight is a proven bone ultrasonometer that brings fracture risk assessment to the forefront of healthcare. The real time image of the calcaneus and the Region of Interest (ROI) ensures... view more

July 22  

GE DPX-Bravo Bone Densitometer For Sale or Rent

Very Nice, 2004 Compact Bone Densitometer, Low-Use, complete and newly calibrated. Excellent for small offices, as arm folds back (see photo). Please contact us for export price including crating,... view more

July 22  

GE Achilles Express Bone Densitometer For Sale

REFURBISHED in 2007-- in original box with ALL NEW Accessories! Excellent Price! Call us before you... view more

July 22  

GE Achilles Insight Bone Densitometer For Sale or Rent

Factory Refurbished 2007, with NEW IN BOX accesories. BEST Ultrasonic Bone Densitometer on the market. Call for more details, pricing,... view more

July 22  

GE PRODIGY Bone Densitometer For Sale

2002 System. Available Now! Latest Fan Beam System, Total Body, IVA-DVA (Instant-Digital Vertebral Assessment) Spine and Femur. System includes all computer equipment, accessories, manuals and... view more

July 22  

GE DPX-NT Compact Bone Densitometer For Sale

PARTS ONLY-- Compact Six-Foot Table, 2002 System with eNCORE Windows-XP Software, 17" Monitor, Color Printer, Computer Cart, Patient Positioning Accessories, Phantoms, Manuals. In-Stock... view more

July 22