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PHILIPS Infinion MRI Scanner

Bid Now: $1,000 USD

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PHILIPS Panorama 1.0T HFO MRI Scanner For Sale

Permanent MRI Brand: Philips Model: Panorama HIFO 1.0T MRI, Manufactured: 2011 Software release: Available Q4 2019. 160000 $ as is where is. Full turn key installation is available,... view more

October 20

Asking Price:
$160,000 USD


PHILIPS Gyroscan ACS-NT MRI Scanner For Sale

2007 PHILIPS Gyroscan ACS-NT MRI Pictures available upon... view more

October 19  

PHILIPS Ingenuity TF MRI Scanner For Sale

Philips Ingenuity TF PET/MR is a hybrid modality so original and resourceful that it offers Astonish TF Time-of-Flight technology combined with the superb soft tissue imaging of Achieva 3.0T MRI in a... view more

October 19  

Nationwide Imaging - Pre-Owned MRI Mobiles/Scanners In Stock (732) 262-3115

Nationwide Imaging sells only the finest pre-owned equipment, with MRI Mobiles being our specialty. Your delivered system is fine-tuned and worry-free, because we stand behind our work. Get the best for less -- at Nationwide.

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PHILIPS 2011 Achieva 3T MRI Scanner For Sale

Achieva 3T 32ch MRI manufactured in 09/2011. SW Copley C781 Gradient, Analogic AN8134 RF Amplifier. REX Zero boil off magnet with Sumitomo F-50 compressor. Coils include: Sense XL... view more

October 19  

PHILIPS Panoram 0.6T MRI Scanner For Sale

Philips PANORAMA 0.6T ,2002, EXCELLENT CONDITION ! System Gradient: Max. Gradient Strength : 23mT/m Slew rate : 75 mT/m/ms Quantité et type d’antennes: Brain / Head-neck / C-Spine M+L /... view more

October 19  
Rami Marom / MediRam
phone: +972 972524322742

PHILIPS Achieva 3.0T Dual Quasar MRI Scanner For Sale

SYSTEM: 2006 Philips 3.0T MRI 16ch Achieva Dual Quasar Philips ID # Philips SRN # MAGNET: F2000, Helium burn off is 1% every 5 days, magnet has never quenched according to Philips COMPRESSOR: ... view more

October 18  

PHILIPS Achieva 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

SYSTEM: 2006 Philips 1.5T MRI 16ch Achieva Single Pulsar Philips ID # Philips SRN # 11027 MAGNET: F2000, Helium burn off is normal, 1% every 23 to 24 days COMPRESSOR: HC-8E HELIUM LEVEL: 60% ... view more

October 18  

A.Imaging Solutions- a Leading Supplier of GE, Philips & Siemens MR Systems

We provide total turnkey solutions: project conception, planning, purchase or lease, installation, system set-up, and service contracts. Call Today 205-823-7907.

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PHILIPS Achieva 3.0T 32CH MRI Scanner For Sale

System Specs: SYSTEM: 2007 Philips 3T MRI 32 ch Achieva Enterprise Philips ID # Philips SRN # MAGNET: Zero Boil off Magnet COMPRESSOR: CSW-71 with 80,000 hours on it. HELIUM LEVEL: 60% New... view more

October 18  

PHILIPS Achieva 1.5T body coil MRI Scanner For Sale

used tested pulled from dual nova achieva system ... view more

October 18  

PHILIPS Achieva 1.5T MRI Scanner Wanted

Philips 1.5T Achieva MRI Wanted - Preferred location: ... view more

October 18  
October 18  

When you need it done right the first time — Image is the answer

Image Technology provides world class PARTS, SYSTEMS, SERVICE & TECHNICAL EXPERTISE to OEM's and ISO's for Philips and Siemens equipment. We own what we sell and are available 24/7. Give us an opportunity to help you. Please call us at 972-223-3008!

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PHILIPS 3T Achieva TX MRI Scanner Wanted

Block Imaging is looking to buy an Achieva 3T TX System - Please contact us if you're looking to sell, we would love to hear from... view more

October 18  

PHILIPS Achieva X-Series 3.0T MRI Scanner For Sale

Philips Achieva 3.0T REX HW release level: R5.3.1.1 YOM:2010 Channels: 16 Software options: Autovoice Bold Specialist comfortone fibertak specialist Mdixon body fat quant... view more

October 18

Asking Price:
€300,000 EUR


PHILIPS Infinion 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

Philips Infinion 1.5 T Date of manufacturer: 2004 Software release: VIA4.0 Coils list: Head Knee Cervical Wrist Body flex Breast Phase array extremeties... view more

October 17  
John Bravo / Bravo Imaging
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