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Nationwide Imaging sells only the finest pre-owned equipment, with MRI Mobiles being our specialty. Your delivered system is fine-tuned and worry-free, because we stand behind our work. Get the best for less -- at Nationwide.

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MediRam is quality source for MRI spare parts.We are trusted and knowledgeable source for imaging parts. Quick shipping,exceptional price,extended warranty and excellent customer service ! OR whatsup:+972-524322742

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SIEMENS MAGNETOM Espree 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

Siemens Espree 18 Ch 1.5T MRI OEM Service Software: NUMARIS/4 Version: Syngo MR B19 DHHS Syngo Acquisition Workplace Z Engine TIM [76x18] Sumitomo F-70H Compressor Coils: Head matrix Neck... view more

February 25  

GE Signa 1.5T 15x 8Ch Front End MRI Scanner For Sale

1998/2007 GE Signa 1.5T 15x 8Ch Front End... view more

February 25  

GE 3T MRI Scanner MRI Scanner Wanted

We are looking to purchase a GE 3.0T MRI Scanner. Please let me know if you have... view more

February 25  

GE Discovery MR750w 3.0T MRI Scanner Wanted

We are looking to purchase a GE 3T MRI scanner. Please let me know if you have... view more

February 25  

When you need it done right the first time — Image is the answer

Image Technology provides world class PARTS, SYSTEMS, SERVICE & TECHNICAL EXPERTISE to OEM's and ISO's for Philips and Siemens equipment. We own what we sell and are available 24/7. Give us an opportunity to help you. Please call us at 972-223-3008!

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SIEMENS MAGNETOM Symphony 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

Siemens 1.5T Under OEM service Quantum Gradients Field Strength: 30mT/m Slew rate: 150 8 Channel Software: VA40 Coil set... view more

February 25  

GE HDX MRI Scanner For Sale

2004 GE HDX MRI Under Service with 3rd party Very Good Cosmetic Appearance Field Service: 1.5T Gradient Strength: 8917 HDX Type Gradients Channels: 16 Permanent Magnet Software Options: EPI,... view more

February 25  

GE Voyager 1.5T MRI Scanner For Rent

2018 GE Signa Voyager 1.5T Mobile (Rental) RF Receive Technology Ultra-High Efficiency Gradient System ADT Quiet Technology Computing Platform and DICOM Signa Flow and ReadyView Workflow ... view more

February 25  

PHILLIPS Achieva dStream MRI Scanner For Sale

2009 Philips Achieva dStream MRI Scanner Original system installed 11/2009 DStream upgrade in 6/2014 Replaced most items on magnet 5.3.1 software upgrade 6/2014 Field Strength: 3T No Chiller ... view more

February 25  

Altima - Your CT / MRI Diagnostic Imaging Specialists!

Altima will inspire the trust, loyalty and commitment of our customers through positive relationships and collaboration, top quality equipment services, and a clearly superior value proposition. Call Today (469) 644-7063

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GE Signa HDxt MRI Scanner For Sale

2000 GE Signa HDxt 23X MRI System Field Strength: 1.5T Magnet Type: S1 Magnet Condition: Cold Helium Level: 77% (Checked on 2/2019) Coils: Neuro/Vasc 8Ch, Cardiac 8Ch, Torso 8Ch, HNS 8Ch,... view more

February 25  

GE Signa Lx 1.0t MRI Scanner For Sale

2005 GE Signa LX 1.0T MRI Number of RF Channels: 4 Field Strength: 1.0T Gradient Type: Hi Speed Gradient Strength: 27 Gradient Slew Rate: 77 Magnet Type: CXK4 Magnet Condition: Cold Coils:... view more

February 25  

GE HDXT EchoSpeed 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

2003 GE HDXT EchoSpeed 1.5T MRI Average no. of Patients per day 12 Field Strength: 1.5T Gradient Information: 33 x 120 Gradient Strength: 33mt Channels: 8 Type of Magnet: Superconducting Last... view more

February 25  

GE Signa Echospeed 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

2001 GE Signa Echospeed 1.5T Under OEM Service Contract Average of 12 patients per day Good Cosmetic Appearance Field Strength: 1.5T GemsPRO BRM-D Gradient Coil ASSY Channels: 8 ... view more

February 25  

Expert Magnet Service and Cryorefrigeration Equipment. 800-861-5956

Emergency Field Service, Cryogen Management, Cooldowns, Ramping & Shimming, Diagnostic Remote Monitoring. Supporting Sumitomo, Balzers, Leybold, APD. Coldheads, Compressors, Adsorbers, Flexlines, Cold Magnet Storage. email:


PHILIPS Achieva MRI Scanner For Sale

2007 Philips Achieva MRI System in good working condition Under OEM Service Field Strength: 1.5 Gradient Strength: 33mT 180 Slew Rate 8 Channel Software Level: 2010 No Chiller Water... view more

February 25  

GE Echospeed 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

2001 GE Echospeed 1.5T Short Bore LX Echo Speed RF Channels: 4 Field Strength: 1.5T Gradient Type Naming: Echo Speed Plus Gradient Strength: 33 Slew Rate: 120 Magnet Type: CXK4 Cold Magnet... view more

February 25