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HITACHI Airis II MRI Scanner

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TOSHIBA Vantage Titan 1.5T MR MRI Scanner For Sale

Toshiba Vantage Titan 1.5T - YOM 2011 SN: E4A11Z2004 Software Version: V2.31*R011 Options Installed: MPOWER, DTI PACKAGE, DRKS PACKAGE, Ext table stroke 205cm, mNuero Package, Single Voxel MRS... view more

August 06  

PHILIPS Achieva 3.0T MRI Scanner For Sale

Philips Achieva 3.0T - YOM 2005 SN: 17120 Magnet Model: F2000 Gradient Model: Dual Gradient Copley 281 RF Channels: 32 Coils included: Sense Knee, Sense NV 16Ch, Sense Shoulder, Sense... view more

August 06  

PM Imaging MGMT: (213) 276-8209,

From CA to NY and around the world we buy and sell your used imaging equipment at market value or higher. We offer spare MRI and CT parts, accessories and services supporting most OEMs. We also offer purchase, long or short-term Mobile MRI & CT rental.


PHILIPS Panorama 1.0T MRI Scanner For Sale

Philips Panorama 1.0T - YOM 2006 SN: 19017 SW version: Open Bore Design 8 channels Coils: Body C, Body S, Body Spine M (AS IS), Body Spine XL, Body T (AS IS), Neck, Knee (AS IS), MP... view more

August 06  

TOSHIBA Vantage Titan 1.5T MR MRI Scanner For Sale

Toshiba Vantage Titan 1.5T - YOM 2012 SN: F412X2007 Options installed: DC02 -DICOM MPPS 16 Channel - 4 ch per VAP Contact us for more information and... view more

August 06  

PHILIPS Intera Achieva 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

Philips Intera Achieva - YOM 2003 SN: 10050 8 Channel Gradient : Copley 271 (S/N 2103EBO3) RF Amplifier Model: 53-S23A-64 RF Amplifier (hours): 51670 RF Amplifier PA hours: 25647 MAGNET... view more

August 06  

SIEMENS Symphony Quantum MRI Scanner For Sale

Siemens Symphony Quantum - YOM 2004 SN: 14403 Number of RX Boards: 1 Number Of Receivers: 2 Gradient coil: AS39T Graditent Power Amplifier: K2217/2000V380A Stimulation Monitor: SAFE Model ... view more

August 06  


Service, Install/De-install, MRI, CT & X-Ray, Buying, Selling & Relocating. Magnet Cool Down, Ramping, Shimming & Coldhead Service, Refurb. of Trailers w/ Interior/Exterior & Generator. QUALITY SERVICE & AFFORDABLE PRICING!

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GE MR450 MRI Scanner For Sale

GE MR450 - YOM 2009 1.5T SN: R6973 Number of Receive Channels : 32 Gradient Model: 8290 (XGD), SR200 RF Amplifier: SRFD II Options: ARC, 3D ASL, Asset, Blood Flow and Volume Measurement,... view more

August 06  

ESAOTE C Scan MRI Scanner For Sale

For sale ESAOTE C-SCAN EXTREMITY Year: 2003 Tesla: 0.2T Coils: Solenoidal L - Knee/Ankle Solenoidal L Knee Solenoidal Hand/wrist/elbow DPA knee DPA Foot/Ankle DPA Hand/wrist System... view more

August 06  

FONAR Upright (Stand-Up) Multi-Position MRI Scanner For Sale

2006 Fonar Stand Up MRI Please email us for additional information ... view more

August 06  

PHILIPS Achieva 3T MRI Scanner For Sale

Philips Achieva 3T MRI DOM 03/2013 Gradients: Quasar Software Level Software Options; contact us for details. Coils: 8 ch Knee, 4 ch Wrist, 2 ch Head, 12 ch Spine, 4 ch Shoulder, 8 ch... view more

August 06  

Nationwide Imaging - Pre-Owned MRI Mobiles/Scanners In Stock (732) 262-3115

Nationwide Imaging sells only the finest pre-owned equipment, with MRI Mobiles being our specialty. Your delivered system is fine-tuned and worry-free, because we stand behind our work. Get the best for less -- at Nationwide.

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GE Signa 3T HDxT 16x 16 Channel MRI Scanner For Sale

Gradient strength: * 50mT/m @ 150 T/m/s Chanels: 16 Software level: 16x Software options: Epi, fast grad echo, cine, fast spin echo & flair, time of light, phase contrast vas image, research,... view more

August 06  

GE 1.5 HDxt 16X MRI Scanner For Sale

GE HDxt 1.5T 16X MRI D.O.M 2008 Computer. Host XW9300 Software version. 16.0 Receiver Channels. 8 Magnet type. LCC CXK4 (Zero boil off magnet) Magnet S.No. R5587B Cooling type: EXTERNAL... view more

August 06  

GE Discovery 450W 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

MRI System Features: FIELD STRENGTH: 1.5 Tesla GRADIENT TYPE: 8920 (XGD) 50/200 Gradients RF AMP: 1.5T SRFD2 Detachable Table 500lbs Table Limit COMPRESSOR TYPE: Sumitomo F PENETRATION... view more

August 06