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Servicing GE, Philips and Siemens MRI equipment with OEM trained engineers

Numed, a well established company in business since 1975 provides a wide range of service options including time & material service, PM only contracts, full service contracts, labor only contracts & system relocation. Call 800 96 Numed for more info.

PM Imaging MGMT: (213) 276-8209, info@pmimagingmgmt.com

From CA to NY and around the world we buy and sell your used imaging equipment at market value or higher. We offer spare MRI and CT parts, accessories and services supporting most OEMs. We also offer purchase, long or short-term Mobile MRI & CT rental.



September 10

Asking Price:
$150 USD

Top Quality Mobile MRI In Stock from Nationwide Imaging (732) 262-3115

Through our global equipment network, Nationwide provides an extensive variety of mobile MRI from all manufacturers. Contact us today for more information regarding purchasing or leasing your next mri unit from Nationwide.

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GE 1.0T MRI Mobile For Sale

1999 GE 1.0T MRI 9.1x Mobile Patient referral service included with our state-of-the-art mobile MRI’s. Base Gradient or Upgrade to SGD HiSpeed Gradient BRM body Coil LCC 1.0 Magnet SN:... view more

September 09  

GE 1.5T 16X MOBILE MRI Mobile For Sale

1999 GE 1.5T 16X MOBILE-MXR101549 • CXK4 LCC Magnet • 33/120SR Gradients • 16X Operating Software  • Echo Planar Imaging • Fast Gradient Echo • Cine • Fast Spin Echo & Flair • Time of... view more

September 08  

GE LX 9.1 MRI Mobile For Sale

2002 GE 9.1 LX – MXR100568 Software and Hardware · Octane II running at 360MHz, 9.1 M4A · ACGD Gradient PDU. 2284300 Nov 2005 · 1.5T SRFD2 cabinet, 2275000,... view more

September 08  

GE LX EchoSpeed 1.5T Mobile MRI Mobile For Sale

Pre-Owned GE LX Echospeed 1.5T Mobile MRI. Manufactured in 2000; Tesla 1.5; 4 Channels ; 9 Coils on mobile unit; Cold Head replaced March 2020; Compressor age: Sept 2000 (estimated); Helium level... view more

September 07  

Platinum Mobile Imaging–State-of-the-Art mobile Rentals (833) 966-2445

The Platinum difference is quality, with over 65+ years of experience in the mobile imaging industry. Superior customer service to our partners is a primary focus. We provide late-model mobile rentals & service at the most competitive pricing.


GE 1.5T 9X MRI Mobile For Sale

GE 1.5T 9.1 HI-speed SGD K4-LCC MRI Mobile systems: inside a 102’’ 1998 Ellis & Watts Active Shield Trailer #8734 " New Tires and current DOT Octane Computer 9.1, RF cabinet upgrade to 8103 ... view more

September 06  

GE 9X 1.5T MRI Mobile For Sale

GE 1.5T 9X LX Mobile MRI System Date of Manufacture 1998. Warm CXK4 LCC Magnet***Pending inspection. 1998 Cal Coach 96” inch wide trailer* No generator Software and Options: 2D&3D... view more

September 06

Asking Price:
$32,000 USD


GE 1.5T 11X 8CH MOBILE MRI Mobile For Sale

2006 ge 1.5t 11x 8ch mobile- mxr104239 s/n 410822mr2a sw: 11.1_m4_0818 w/sp 6 ak trailer vin # 1s9fa48286118294 available: Sept 2021 located in... view more

September 03  

GE 1.5T HD, 16x - 8 channel MRI Mobile For Sale

RENTAL ONLY !! GE 1.5T HD 16x , 8 channel system (Includes OEM Service) HD hardware: • HD host computing with Linux OS • 400,000 image storage capacity with MOD and DVD archive • Two... view more

September 03  
Michael Cacchillo / MRI Mobile
phone: +1 (208) 947-6936

A.Imaging Solutions- a Leading Supplier of GE, Philips & Siemens MR Systems

We provide total turnkey solutions: project conception, planning, purchase or lease, installation, system set-up, and service contracts. Call Today 205-823-7907.

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GE Signa MRI Mobile For Sale

VETERINARY 9x AK trailer Available: March 2022 Located: Northeast... view more

August 31  
George Gedevanishvili / Espin Medical
phone: +1 (206) 755-1768

GE 1.5T 16-Channel 23x HDxt MRI Mobile For Sale

*Rental Only* 16-Channel System: 23x Software: Propeller 3.0, BRAVO, LAVA, COSMIC, CUBE, SWAN, Lava Flex, ASSET, Inhance 3D Velocity, Inhance 3D Deltaflow, Inhance 2D Inflow, eDWI, ... view more

August 31  

GE Echospeed MRI Mobile For Sale

2004 DOM 1.5T CXK4 LCC magnet 4 channel RF Octane I CPU running 9x Operator SW with the following licenses: Echo planar imaging, fast gradient echo, cine, fast spin echo, flair, time of flight,... view more

August 30  
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GE Profile III MRI Mobile Wanted

Looking for a mobile GE Profile III to purchase. Please send system specs., photos, and price. Thank... view more

August 30  
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MRI purchase? Click to see today's MRI inventory update @BlockImaging

We help you buy, sell, rent & service MRI scanners: Siemens, GE, Philips, Hitachi, Toshiba. You can research prices, compare models, watch service videos, request spare parts, and more. Find answers fast https://info.blockimaging.com/mri-machine-resources

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GE 1.5T Highspeed MRI Mobile For Sale

1.5T CXK4 short bore magnet. 4 channel with Phased Array. Highspeed gradients. Octane 9.1 Operator SW rev level. Standard coil set. Available now,... view more

August 30  
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GE HdxT 23x - 16 channel 1.5T Mobile MRI MRI Mobile For Sale or Rent

Software Version: 23x Magnet: CXK4 1.5T Short Bore Channels: 16 Gradients: (30,125) Trailer: 48’ Ellis & Watts HP Z400 Solid State Console Software Applications: ARC, Asset, BF and... view more

August 27  
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