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August 12

Asking Price:
$225 USD


PHILIPS Cadex 7200 Battery Analyzer/Tester For Sale

Philips Cadex 7200 battery analyzer For Philips M3538A - lot of 3 As Is Unit. (Not refurbished or tested) DISCLAIMER: Regardless of the origin of the equipment, documentation... view more

August 12

Asking Price:
$599 USD


HEATHKIT CS1 Condenser Substitution Box Battery Analyzer/Tester For Sale

This appears in good shape except for a small chip out of the one of the corners of the case where it meets with the faceplate. Range: 100 pF - 0,22 µF. Size: 3.06 x 3 x 5.31 inch / 78 x 76 x 135... view more

August 08

Asking Price:
$45 USD


MAQUET CARDIOSAVE Li-Ion Battery Transport & Storage Case Battery Analyzer/Tester For Sale

Item # 246728 Title: Maquet CARDIOSAVE Li-Ion Battery Transport & Storage Case Manufacturer: Maquet Model: CARDIOSAVE Li-Ion Description: Battery Transport & Storage Case Quantity: 1 Item... view more

August 13

Asking Price:
$350 USD


ELE INTERNATIONAL Soiltest Mashall stability Battery Analyzer/Tester For Sale

This unit is in mint condition, new and has not been used. This is from a military excess inventory and it was very expensive when they bought it. Im listing this at a fraction of the price... view more

August 05

Asking Price:
$2,500 USD

July 31

Asking Price:
$40 USD

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CADEX C7200 Battery Analyzer/Tester For Sale

This Cadex C7200 analyzer has been fully tested and bio med certified. We do not service or refurbish any of the items that we sell and all items are sold used, as-is unless otherwise stated. We do... view more

July 13

Asking Price:
$750 USD