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B&K SMB100A Signal Generator For Sale

Here is a R&S Rohde Schwarz SMB100A Microwave Signal Generator 9kHz...1.1GHz New costs above $10K Predecessor to: Current model. Condition: This R&S Rohde Schwarz SMB100A Microwave Signal... view more

October 21

Asking Price:
$2,695 USD


FLUKE Philips PM 6622 Counter Timer 80 MHz Signal Generator For Sale

The PM 6622 is a Swedish made microcomputer-based timer/counter designed to satisfy a wide range of frequency and time measurement requirements. Its general purpose versatility, high accuracy crystal... view more

October 19

Asking Price:
$199 USD


ASTRO DESIGN VG-814 Signal Generator For Sale

Astrodesign Inc. VG-814 Digital Video Generator In very good condition, in full working order The Astro Design VG-814 has a dot clock range up to 75 MHz and HDTV (tri-level sync) outputs. It is... view more

October 19

Asking Price:
$750 USD


VNUS RF-110 Signal Generator For Sale

VNUS radiofrequency generator/consule with footswitch and manual. Good working... view more

October 16  

SENCORE ATX 2000 Signal Generator For Sale

Sencore ATX2000 ATX 2000 ATSC-M/H Multiplex Signal Generator L-390... view more

October 02

Asking Price:
$6,500 USD

Moe Hassanin / Sky Surplus
phone: +1 4038008113

MEDTRONIC Covidien Evident MWA Microwave Ablation System Generator Signal Generator For Sale

3 units in stock Buyer accepts all responsibility for the electrical safety inspection, testing and calibration when applicable, of a purchased item. Medical and dental items must be inspected for... view more

September 29

Asking Price:
$1,000 USD

Garrett Ellsweig / Boca Med & Tech
phone: +1 (407) 416-3491