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Save on new and refurbished ultrasound machines from major brands. Please email or call 704-940-4067 now!...We look forward to helping you!

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BVI Unit problems? BVI unit says “Calibration Due”? BVI probe won’t pick up at all? Worry no more, Aventura can solve it all! We're capable of calibrating your unit & fixing your probe! We also sell BVI units, batteries, BVI chargers & carts.

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SIEMENS Sonoline G20 Unit For Sale

Siemens Sonoline G20 ultrasound machine Tissue Harmonic Imaging SynAps Synthetic Aperture Technology TGO Tissue Grayscale Optimization Technology QuickSet User Programmable System MultiHertz... view more

November 14  

PHILIPS iU22 E2 Unit For Sale

Shared Service ultrasound machine xMatrix transducers 17" LCD monitor 2D, M-Color Mode Compatible Transducers: Philips iU22 L17-5, L15-7io, L12-5, L9-3, L8-4, C9-4, C8-5, C5-2, C5-1, C10-3v,... view more

November 14  

PHILIPS iU22 B Unit For Sale

Shared Service ultrasound system xMatrix transducers 17" LCD monitor 2D, M-Color Mode Compatible Transducers: Philips iU22 L17-5, L15-7io, L12-5, L9-3, L8-4, C9-4, C8-5, C5-2, C5-1, C10-3v,... view more

November 14  

GE Logiq i BT07 Unit For Sale

GE Logiq i BT07 ultrasound system Offers 2D, color and Doppler imaging Uses TruScan technology Full DICOM connectivity Compatible Transducers: Logiq i 12L-RS, i12L-RS, 8L-RS, 8C-RS, 4C-RS,... view more

November 14  

Top preferred ultrasonic board repair service-Everest Medical

10 years experienced repair engineers team, repair Alpha 6/7/10, F31/F37/F75, Avius/Preirus, Arietta 60/70, HD11/HD15, CX50/EPIQ, Logiq P5/P6, Logiq E9/Vivid E9, X300/X700, S2000/S3000, Contact, let us help!

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GE Logiq 9 BT04 Unit For Sale

GE Logiq 9 BT04 system CodeScan, SmartScan, TruAccess, TruConnect, ComfortScan 17-inch progressive scan high resolution color monitor OB/GYN and Vascular applications Compatible Transducers:... view more

November 14  

GE Logiq S6 R7.6.0 Ultrasound System For Sale

GE Logiq S6 ultrasound system CrossXBeam™ SRI-HD Active Matrix Array Volume Calculation (VOCAL) Inversion Mode Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI-Static) Compatible Transducers: Voluson S6 12L RS,... view more

November 14  

GE Logiq e BT07 Portable Ultrasound System For Sale

GE Logiq e BT07 system Software version R5.0.1 System Options: Basic, Dicom, BSteer+ Compatible Transducers: Logiq e 12L-RS, 8L-RS, i12L-RS, 4C-RS, 8C-RS, e8C-RS, 3S-RS We pride ourselves... view more

November 14  

GE Logiq 9 BT07 4D Ultrasound System For Sale

OB/GYN and Vascular applications 17 inch color monitor Full size backlit keyboard, 2D, M-Mode, PW Doppler, B-Mode, Color Flow, Power Doppler, Imaging (PDI) CodeScan, SmartScan, TruAccess,... view more

November 14  

Exclusive Medical Solutions- your solution to all your ultrasound demands

EMS is a company dedicated to providing the highest quality medical imaging equipment, services, and parts. GIVE US A CALL TODAY AND GET A SOLUTION! @ 866.676.3671 or visit - BILINGUAL SUPPORT

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GE Logiq e BT08 Ultrasound System For Sale

ultrasound system Point of care applications High Resolution Color Power Doppler imaging Color Flow ModePower Doppler Imaging (PDI) Pulse Wave Doppler (PWD) Continuous Wave Doppler Compatible... view more

November 14  

GE Voluson 730 Pro BT02 Ultrasound System For Sale

GE Voluson 730 Pro BT02 ultrasound system OB/GYN Applications 2D/3D/4D Vision M-Mode and PW/Color/Power Doppler 4 active probe ports Compatible Probes: Voluson 730 SP4-10, SP6-12, SP10-16,... view more

November 14  

BKMEDICAL Falcon Unit For Sale

*Frequency range of 1-20 MHz provides the highest resolution in its class. *Four transducer connectors (three array and one mechanical). *B-K Medical’s patented Continuous Uniform Focusing... view more

November 14  

ZONARE Z One Z One For Sale

The Zonare z one ultra Convertible is the most advanced and portable of the Zonare Medical Systems models and it offers amazing versatility and powerful performance along with compact size and easy... view more

November 14  

Probo Medical | We Buy, Repair, and Sell New and Used Ultrasound Equipment

We buy, repair, & sell new, used, and refurbished ultrasound probes and stock systems. 5000+ probes in stock. All probes are thoroughly tested & come with a warranty. Contact us about our special offer probes today! 317-759-9210 or

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The SONIMAGE P3 is a true portable ultrasound machine that gives clinicians the ability to do more for patients where and when they need it most at the point-of-care. With its small footprint and... view more

November 14  

GE Vivid 7 Vivid 7 For Sale

The Vivid 7 ultrasound machines have excellent image quality, they’re stable, and the price/performance ratio is the highest among all cardiac ultrasound machines for sale. The Vivid 7 cardiovascular... view more

November 14  

EDAN U50 Unit For Sale

The U50 is Edan’s newest portable system that offers color flow, pulse wave, and power doppler.... view more

November 14