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TOSHIBA Aquilion One 320 CT Scanner For Sale

Toshiba Aquilion One YOM: 2013 Tube: Varex MCS-7088A Tube YOM: April 2019 Tube installation: 2019/10/01 Tube slice time: !2200 scan seconds! Software Version: V7.0 Release: SP0315G Base ... view more

April 07  

GE Lightspeed VCT-XT 64 CT Scanner For Sale

The GE Lightspeed VCT-XT 64 is a wholebody 64 slice CT scanner; ideal for angiography, cardiac, neuro, pediatric and pulmonary. - S/N: 11807YC5 - First installed: 2007 - Model: 5124069-5 -... view more

April 07  

TOSHIBA Aquilion 64 CT Scanner For Sale

Toshiba Aquilion 64 CT Windows Based 2015 CXB-750D/4A... view more

April 07  

SIEMENS Definition AS 64 [2017] CT Scanner For Sale

2017 Siemens Definition AS 64 CT - EXCELLENT CONDITION De-Installed, Texas USA Air Cooled- P46 gantry cover DOM 2017 UFC Detector Straton MX P tube Approx. 255k scan secs ICS Tower 12F ... view more

April 07  

M-Cast,Inc.----We supply All you need!

Our office and showroom are located in Tokyo. We are handling almost all kinds of used medical equipments. We sell only the finest equipments which are stored in a huge warehouse to the world.Quality is our primary commitment


SIEMENS SOMATOM Sensation 64 CT Scanner For Sale

Siemens Sensation 64 CT VB42B Software Straton Z tube with approx. 250k scan... view more

April 07  

GE Lightspeed VCT 64 CT Scanner For Sale

GE Lightspeed VCT ASIR 64 CT Hercules tube >40 Million mAs GOC6 Options: AutomA Smart Prep ASIR 3000 Image Series AutoFilter-and-Transfer VCT-Hi-Power VCT 85 kW Power Sub-0.4-Second... view more

April 07  

NEUROLOGICA CareTom NL 3000 CT Scanner For Sale

NeuroLogica CareTom NL 3000 8 Slice Acquisition 8” Donut Diameter ... view more

April 07  

AR Medical #1 in Parts Sales on Philips & Siemens.CT Parts & Tubes In Stock

New Parts for Discounted Prices. Over 20,000 Parts Inventory - MRI, CT, CATHLAB. Global Shipping & Support. Install & Deinstall services available. Contact us today at Call or WhatAp +1 954-612-8008.

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GE Lightspeed Vct 64 CT Scanner For Sale

2012 GE Medical Systems VCT 64 CT with ASIR 2018 Hercules tube, replaced Approx. 70mm mAs at present, NIO CONSOLE SOFTWARE OPTIONS: SmartPrep; AutomA; 3000 Image Series; ConnectPro; Direct-MPR;... view more

April 07  

GE Lightspeed Vct 64 CT Scanner For Sale

2005 GE Medical Systems VCT 64 CT with ASIR 2019 tube Hercules tube, replaced Approx. 35mm mAs at present, GOC 5 SOFTWARE OPTIONS: SmartPrep; AutomA; 3000 Image Series; ConnectPro; Direct-MPR;... view more

April 07  

GE Brightspeed Elite 16 CT Scanner For Sale

2006 Brightspeed 16 Power (Elite) NEW MX 200 Performix_Plus- Liquid Bearing Tube 2019 Tube 30 mil mAs as Under full OEM service Options: Connect Pro Smart Prep Smart Speed ... view more

April 07  

TOSHIBA Aquilion 32 CT Scanner For Sale

2011 Toshiba Aquillion 32 Slice CT Scanner New Tube installed 8/21/19- Varian / model # MCS-7078D Whole system (Gantry) Scan seconds from August 2019-525,513 Software Level V4.52ER009 ... view more

April 07  

PHILIPS Mx-8000 IDT/Brilliance 16 Slice CT Scanner -----Worldwide leader!!

HIGH QUALITY fully tested & refurbished systems to manufacturer specifications like new. Installation & service support worldwide. Parts & tubes in stock with warranty. Call 813-925-1314

DOTmed Certified DOTmed 100

GE LightSpeed VCT CT Scanner For Sale

2006 GE VCT 64 Slice CT DOM on tube 10/2018 Tube Model MX240 (Hercules) Scan seconds 231,984 Total Tube mAs 32,562,674 Total Patient Exams 12463 Still Installed, and Operational. ... view more

April 07  

PHILIPS Brilliance 16-slice CT Scanner For Sale

ct brilliance 16 2009 with 2015 tube , sw version 3.2 under OEM maintenance , in excellent condition still installed and available immediately Machine is installed in India under PHILIPS... view more

April 07

Asking Price:
$35,000 USD


GE Lightspeed Vct 64 CT Scanner For Sale

VCT 64 slices CT scanner. YOM July 2008 Tube Performix VCT Plus Replaced YOM May 2018 Tube usages Scan sec 513955.9 scan... view more

April 07