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GE Lightspeed RT 4 Slice CT Scanner

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TOSHIBA Asteion Premium4 CT Scanner For Sale

Intermedical ID: 531799 Model: Asteion Premium4 YOM: 2010 Asteion Premium4 TSX-021B YOM: 2010 Date of Installation: 26th August, 2010 Last serviced by TOSHIBA / Cannon on: 7th... view more

October 17  

GE Brivo CT385 CT Scanner For Sale

Intermedical ID: 531883 Model: Brivo CT385 YOM: 2014 Model: Brivo CT385 Date of Manufacture: December 2014 Date of Installation: Mon Dec 22nd, 2014 Last scanned on: Sat Jul 13th,... view more

October 17  

SIEMENS SOMATOM Emotion 6 CT Scanner For Sale

DOM refurbished 2007 Dura 352-MV refurbished scans complete 236k scans 165k Therapy KIT Respiratory Gating & Triggering / Retro / Pro Care Bolus KIT... view more

October 17  

In Stock and Tested Replacement Parts for All Modalities

IMES provides tailored solutions for your diagnostic imaging needs. We have a vast inventory of parts for any modality and manufacturer. Contact us to learn about our rigorous QA process and available discounts. 704-739-3597

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TOSHIBA Aquilion 16 CT Scanner For Sale

Intermedical ID: 531655 YOM: 2005 Aquilion16 TSX-101A/4E Software version: V1.62JR004 Year of Manufacture: 2005 Date of Installation: 18th April, 2005 Date of de-installation: 9th... view more

October 17  

SIEMENS SOMATOM Emotion16 CT Scanner For Sale

Intermedical ID: 531641 YOM: 2010 SOMATOM Emotion16  Somaris/5 syngo CT 2013A Emotion16 VC20B SOMATOM Emotion16 10165880 10165977 Year of Manufacture: July 2010 Date of... view more

October 17  

TOSHIBA Asteion CT Scanner For Sale

Intermedical ID: 531471 CT Asteion TSX-021B Date of Installation: 6th March, 2010 Date of de-installation: 14th Sep, 2019 (Expected) Last inspected on: 1st Aug, 2018 Gantory:CGGT-015A... view more

October 17  

PHILIPS MX8000 & Brilliance Systems & Spare Parts In Stock Now!

HIGH QUALITY fully tested & refurbished systems to manufacturer specifications like new. Installation & service support worldwide. Parts & tubes in stock with warranty. Call 813-925-1314

DOTmed Certified DOTmed 100

GE Lightspeed VCT-XT 64 CT Scanner For Sale

AVAILABLE MID NOVEMBER 2019 The GE Lightspeed VCT-XT 64 is a wholebody 64 slice CT scanner; ideal for angiography, cardiac, neuro, pediatric and pulmonary. - S/N: 11807YC5 - First installed:... view more

October 16  


GE LIGHTSPEED 8 SLICE CT System- Xtreme . Year: 2004 with XTREME and NEW GE Performix Tube in 2015 with app. +/- 33 Milion mAs +/-. GE Tube. LIGHTSPEED Multi-Slice 8 with XTREME; New Performix... view more

October 16  

Integrity Medical Systems, Inc. - Multi-Slice CT Scanners (239) 454-9555

Since 1989 Integrity Medical has provided "Quality Without Compromise" to healthcare providers nationwide. We sell Refurbished CT Scanners with a solid warranty and guaranteed image quality. Call for a "turn-key" quotation.

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GE LIGHTSPEED VCT 64 CT Scanner For Sale

2006 GE CT LIGHTSPEED VCT 64 ASIR with SmartScore and Cardiac CINE. XR29. 2018 New GE Hercules MX240 tube installed 2018 and has 68Million MAS +/-. ASIR Cardiac and XR29. Software REV:... view more

October 16  

PHILIPS Brilliance 64-slice CT Scanner For Sale

2006 PHILIPS BRILLIANCE 64 SLICE CT. 2006 PHILIPS BRILLIANCE 64 SLICE TDMS with XR29 LOW DOSE Control and Sof.Rev. 3.6.8 at XR29 Compliant. TILE Detectors TDMS. Only 110. 795. Scan Seconds on... view more

October 16  

TOSHIBA Aquilion RXL CT Scanner For Sale

Toshiba RXL . YOM 2013 SN: RDB1392071 Phantom type: SS, S , M , L ,TOS Tube model: MCS7078D Tube count: NEW Tube Generator type: Spellman System count: 659.829 Couch type: Long Accessories:... view more

October 16