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PHILIPS Gemini PET/CT For Sale

2007 Philips Gemini TF 64 PET/CT Including Astonish Option Still installed, fully operational, Philips service. Available the end of May - Early June in Mississippi. True Flight technology ... view more

November 25  

PHILIPS Gemini PET/CT For Sale

2008 Philips Gemini TF Base 16 slice PET/CT FULLY REFURBISHED System Includes to Following: 16-slice Brilliance CT system Brilliance workspace Open gantry design Scan control panel, box 70... view more

November 25  

PHILIPS Gemini TF Big Bore PET/CT For Sale

2009 Philips Gemini TF BIG BORE PET/CT Fully Refurbished Crystal material: LYSO Crystal dimensions: 4 x 4 x 22mm 3rd Generation Time-of-Flight PET Timing resolution: 495 ps System energy... view more

November 25  

PHILIPS 2006 Gemini TF 16 PET CT PET/CT For Sale

2006 Philips Gemini TF 16 PET CT Time-of-flight PET performance package Fully Refurbished 16-slice Brilliance CT system Brilliance workspace Open gantry design Scan control panel, box 70 cm... view more

November 25  

Marquis Medical - Experts in SIEMENS & GE PET & PET/CT Service & Parts

Our engineers are trained strictly on Siemens & GE PET to Guarantee an expert on all service calls. Our large inventory of PET & PET/CT systems & parts allows us to provide a TRUE Turn-key solution. Ph:866-645-7457

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PHILIPS Gemini PET/CT For Sale

2008 Philips Gemini TF 16 Mobile PET/CT fully refurbished Time-of-flight PET performance package 16-slice Brilliance CT system Brilliance workspace Open gantry design Scan control panel, box ... view more

November 25  


2006 Philips Gemini GXL 16 Fully refurbished This PHILIPS GEMINI 16 PET/CT Scanner, originally manufacture in 2006, is a fully integrated PET/CT system featuring Philips Brilliance CT 16 GXL... view more

November 25  

PHILIPS Gemini GXL Mobile Pet CT PET/CT For Sale

Philips Gemini 16 GXL Mobile PET/CT Fully Refurbished -Manufactured December 2008 -100kVA Transformer -17,864 crystals -28 curved detectors -3D Imaging -70cm Patient Port Size ... view more

November 25  

PHILIPS Gemini GXL 6 PET/CT For Sale

Brilliance GXL 6 Slice Date of Inspection: 07/2/2017 Model: GEMINI GXL SYSTEM PN:453567975691 SN: 4164 DOM: 11/2007 CT Gantry: Philips “Gemini GXL 10/16 CT” (6 SLICE ) : 453567304211 SN: 13116 ... view more

November 24  

Diagnostix Plus - Trade In Offer On Your Old SPECT Cardiology System

Trade in your non performing SPECT cardiology system for a high return PET camera. Reliable SPECT, PET & PET/CT systems at a fraction of the cost of new. Call Diagnostix Plus @ 201-530-5505

DOTmed Certified

SIEMENS Biograph 6 PET/CT For Sale

2005 Model. Installed by Siemens refurbished in 2012. Software version: VB4OB. Call for scan counts and photos. Still installed. Available... view more

November 24  

GE Discovery LS 16 PET/CT For Sale

GE Discovery LS 16 PET CT 2005 - July 2015 X-Ray Tube - 37 Million mAs Scan Seconds - Standard Options - Location: San Diego, California - Guaranteed First... view more

November 24  

GE Discovery 8 Slice PET/CT For Sale

GE Discovery ST PET CT Scanner 2003 8 Slice PET CT, Octane Computer, Xeleris Workstation, NEW TUBE 2010, 4 Million mAs, 4,255,478 Gantry Rotation, 70cm Wide Bore, DICOM, 3D, Available... view more

November 24  

GE Discovery PET/CT PET/CT Wanted

Need to rent and/or buy a GE or Siemens PET/CT Mobile. Please send all available... view more

November 24  

We sell Fixed and Mobile PET and PET/CT Scanners

Siemens and GE PET/CT for less-- Fixed and Mobile projects-- from 2-Slices to 64-Slices. Call today 800-722-3646. Or email us at INFO@INTEGRITYMED.COM

DOTmed Certified

GE Discovery PET/CT Wanted

Need good PET/CT 16 Slice. Ready to... view more

November 24  

PHILIPS Gemini TF 64 PET/CT For Sale

YOM : 2008 S/N : 7141 Item no. : 003574 Status : Pending Incoming Availability : 11‐2020 Software Version : 3.5.1 Software Options : Rate Responsive CV Toolkit, 2*0.6, 4*4.5mm Slice, Modes,... view more

November 24  

PHILIPS Gemini TF 64 PET/CT For Sale

YOM : 2007 Item no. : 003253 Status : Pending Incoming Availability : 10-2020 Slices : 64 Tube Type : MRC800 Tube Count : > 500 thousand... view more

November 24