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DIAMOND DIAGNOSTICS Pro-LYTE Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale

It is Pro-LYTE device in a very good condition, deinstalatyed from the lab, was working under inspection, after basic check of device, working, with all related accessories SPECIFICATIONS Height... view more

May 06  

MEIZHOU CORNLEY AFT 300 Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale

Condition as You see at pictures - good, we can check & test it IF You want, ask for price if interested ● Self-made membrane maintenance free electrodes ● Closed container for both calibrates... view more

May 06  

SFRI SAS ISE 3000 Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale

Very good condition and special price for it !! SE 3000 (Na+, K+, Cl-) - is a fully automated electrolyte analyzer, that allows laboratories to perform accurate and reliable measures of electrolyte... view more

May 06  

BIOMAXIMA BM ISE Ion Na/K/Cl Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale

Good conditio, working, as for price if interested Features  Compact, economical and easy-to-use  Excellent precision and reliability  Long life and high performance electrodes  Automatic... view more

May 06  

MEDICA EasyElectrolytes Na_K_Li Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale

Good working codition. Medica’s electrolyte analyzer, EasyElectrolytes™, focuses on the laboratory’s need to deliver sample results economically. The unique electrode design, combined with... view more

May 06  

MEDICA EasyLyte Na/K Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale

Medica Corporation’s EasyLyte® analyzer is a completely automated, microprocessor-controlled electrolyte system that uses ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) technology to make electrolyte measurements.... view more

May 06  

ORION 5-STAR pH/ORP/ISE/Conductivity Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific Orion Simultaneous display of pH, mV, ORP or ISE; conductivity; DO and temperature measurements on the backlit LCD IP67-rated housing for waterproof and dustproof... view more

May 06  

ORION 3-Star series Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale

Star series portable meters feature simple three-button operation with convenient Quick-Start guides to help you get started and provide support while in use. Smart Stability™ and Smart Averaging™... view more

May 06  

IDEXX VetLyte Na, K, Cl Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale

VetLyte® Electrolyte Analyzer Test every patient for sodium, potassium and chloride when you're: Performing wellness and preanesthetic testing Choosing the right IV fluid Responding to... view more

May 06  

AVL 988-3 / 983 Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale

MODEL AVL 988-3 SAMPLE VOLUME, µL 120 POWER NEEDED, VAC 100/117, 220/240 Frequency, hz 50/60 DIMENSIONS, 34.5 x 30 x 26.9 (13.6 x 11.8 x 10.6) WEIGHT, kg 10.9 (24) TECHNIQUE ISE PERFORMANCE... view more

May 06  

SIEMENS Rapidchem 744 (Na, K, Cl) / Rapidchem 754 (Na, K, Li) Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale

Pełna krew, surowica, osocze Na+ 100 – 200 mmol/l K+ 1,0 – 10,0 mmol/l Cl – 50 – 150 mmol/l Li+ 0,20 – 3,50 mmol/l Mocz Na+ 10 – 300 mmol/l K+ 2 – 200 mmol/l Cl – 15 – 400... view more

May 06  

CIBA CORNING 614/634/644 Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale

Bayer/Ciba-Corning 614 - Parameters: Na, K - Throughput: 35 seconds - Method: Sensor Technology - Open system: YES - W x D x H: 11x11x13 inches / 28x28x33 cm - Weight: 14... view more

May 06  

SIEMENS ISE and Blood Gas ELECTRODES Electrolyte Analyzer For Sale

pH, Pco2, Po2, K, NA, Cl, Ca, erf, HcT Siemens offers a comprehensive range of products and systems for process and quality optimization. Our world-class products for process analytics include... view more

May 06