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Item Summary for OLYMPIC 33 Bili-Lite / Timer Phototherapy Lamp

Olympic 33 Bili-Lite Flourescent Phototherapy Lamp with Bili-Timer:

The Olympic Bili-Lite Model 33 is a floorstand phototherapy lamps intended to provide therapeutic irradiance to treat neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. Standard phototherapy light includes eight 20-watt Olympic Blue phototherapy bulbs. The Olympic Bili-Lite is mounted on stable base with four swiveling casters for easy movement.

Bulb timer automatically records total hours of bulb use to assist in bulb replacement. Eight cool-running 20-watt Fluorescent bulbs (160 total watts). A safety shield filters out ultraviolet radiation and prevents injury from broken bulbs. It is adjustable; height - from 43.3” to 59.3” above the floor. The electronic timer automatically records usage and treatment time. Durable and Sturdy construction makes this unit stable & safe. The locking casters keeps light safely in place.

Total exposure time is a critical parameter of neonatal phototherapy which must be charted. By recording total treatment time automatically, the Olympic Bili-Timer saves work and reduces errors.

The Olympic Bili-Timer has an “electric eye” that turns the timer on automatically when the phototherapy light is on. Accumulated exposure time is continuously displayed during treatment, accurate to a tenth of an hour

The Bili-Timer is battery operated and requires no electrical connection to the phototherapy light, and has a simple mounting attachment. Accurately recording exposure time is essential to evaluating treatment and maintaining medical legal records.

Bulb timer
Fluorescent bulbs
Eight cool-running 20-watt bulbs (160 total watts)
Safety shield
Adjustable height
Electronic timer
Sturdy construction
Locking casters

Electric-eye controlled
Battery operated
Any fluorescent-type, photo-therapy light
Photosensor automatically turns timer on and off with phototherapy light
Large, digital, easy-to-read display
Keeps accurate record to the nearest tenth of a minute

Fault Safeguard (Irradiance At 420 To) Fuse, Thermostat
Illumination Cabinet, LxW,Cm (In) (Bulbs): 63.5 X 48.3 (25 X 19)
Wheel Diameter, Cm (In): 4.6 (1.8)
Min/Max Height Range Cm (In): 110.5-152.4 (43.5-60)
Space Needed, M2 (Ft2) (Bulbs) : 0.41 (4.4)
Weight, Kg (Lb) (Display): 36 (80)
Height Adjustment: 43.3–59.3 in. 110–151 cm
Bulbs Used (Bulbs): Fluorescent
# Required (Bulbs): 8
Expected Duration, Hr (Bulbs): 3000

Olympic Bili-Lite Brochure
Olympic Bili-Lite Accessory
Olympic Bili-Lite Specifications

Qty - 1 Olympic Bili-Lite Model 33 (cat # 51433)
Qty - 1 Olympic Bili-Lite Model 20 (cat # 55320)
Qty - 8 Olympic Blue bulbs (Type OB), 20 watt (cat # 51418)

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